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Festive Fun at the Xmas Crafternoon

2019... what a fabulous send-off we gave you!

Our venue for the last Crafternoon of the year was just PERFECT... if you haven't yet been to Koopman's in Dunkeld, go immediately! Not only are the views of the Grampians National Park to die for, but the old motors building is now full of inspiring art, ceramics & plants, there was plenty of space for our art supplies, Lisa's sewing set-up and individual craft stations while we whipped up bespoke Christmas stockings!

That's not even to mention the main reason you go to a cafe - the food and coffee (and chai and kombucha and juices and milkshakes) are blood good. Our gorgeous hosts, Eve & Jennifer, served us up a grazing board of nibbles, platters of pulled pork sliders and pumpkin tarts, and an abundance of home-baked treats like Lindt chocolate brownies, baileys truffles, berries and chocolates. OMGYUM.

Lisa, the creative wizard behind doggy business, Two Happy Hounds, was our stitching supreme all evening, and we can't thank her enough! Everyone chose their favourite fabric to add to their stocking, and either bonded the fabric together with iron-on fabric bond, or Lisa helped them to seamlessly (almost) attach it to the stocking.

Then, everyone went TO TOWN on their own unique design, and they all turned out so beautiful! Our crafty guests added felt, pom poms, embroidery, ribbon, tassels, tiny baubles, foam shapes, sequins, garlands, wooden shapes, even drawing and painting designs onto the thick cotton drill we used as the base.

JUST LOOK at how lovely they all turned out!

Everyone had a marvellous time making these magnificent creations, and the amazing range of techniques and designs used were just astounding. BRAVO LADIES! I'm so proud! :)

It wouldn't be a Christmas Crafternoon without some fun games and gifts, so Stacey's santa sack came out again to dish out cute little DIY craft kits to winners of our pass-the-parcel game and "draw the best snowman on your head" game (hi-LARIOUS), and a DIY mindful colouring mug to the most festively dressed; Justine!

We had such a laugh listening to Christmas carols, chatting and grazing, crafting and experimenting... it was really special, and a perfect end to the year- thank you to all who came along!

2020 will kick off with a Crafty get-together in mid to late Jan- join the mailing list to be first in the know or follow the Facebook page and keep an eye out for the event!

See you on the flip side friends- I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and creativity, and a fantastic start to 2020!

Love, Stacey xXx

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