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Flowers, Foliage and Fun at our Intro to Illustration Workshop

HOW happy does everyone look with their new-found drawing skills at our last Crafternoon?

Fuelled by carrot cake, bliss balls, oreo truffles and fresh fruit, we learnt to draw a variety of leaf shapes, then leaf clusters and lots of flowers and blooms. Then we combined them into shapes like circles, wreaths and letters, or got a bit creative with stencils for really unique pieces of art. Using only simple materials; pencils, pens, paint and paper, we had a really relaxing crafty evening!

Everyone I think surprised themselves with their abilities, since the illustrative style we were aiming for was genuinely SO SIMPLE but effective. We had flowers which started with 'kidney beans' and 'coffee bean' shapes, 'squiggly circles' and plenty of lines and dots. From roses and tulips to hydrangeas, bottlebrush and daisies, we learnt to draw a variety of flowers, with people adding their own flair and creating their own blossoms too.

Everyone left with a lovely piece of art they had created from scratch using the most basic of illustrative techniques. It was so simple I'm sure that everyone will be practicing more at home and adding more complex elements to their drawings as they gain confidence- just check out the beautiful pieces created by participant Penny (after our workshop!

HOW DIVINE!!! You can see more creations over on our Facebook page @mycrafternoons.

Next month's workshop is also super simple but beautiful- we're creating circular wall hangings from cuttlefish bones, beads, feathers and beach-combed materials with the lovely Bec from Meraki Nest.

This super special collaboration will take place beneath the Southern Grampian mountains in a converted old railway station in Dunkeld; Off The Rails Gallery.

You can read all about the workshop and find the booking link in this blog post, and see some inspiration over on our Facebook event!

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