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Felting Fun!

Our knowledgeable and super passionate Russian tutor Lucy Stocks did an amazing job of teaching our crafty gang everything she knew about felt in our last workshop- and now we’re addicted!

The lovely room at the Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning was filled with examples of all the wonderful things you can make from felt- bags, hats, dresses, shawls, coats, slippers, wall hangings, blankets, home furnishings- you name it, Lucy can felt it!

We started by learning about different fibres used for felting, how you can use recycled fabric as a basis for felted items, and how to layer colours and textured fabric on top of each other for different effects. We passed around different types of fibres and were inspired by the Lucy's incredible passion and aptitude for felt.

Lucy taught us three techniques; making felted cords, colourful balls and flowers made from circular 'sheets' of felt layered on top of each other. Lucy had some interesting craft hacks for speeding up the felting process, including rolling cords with a sushi mat and using a sander fitted with textured plastic instead of sandpaper to make flat felt come together in a flash!

The flowers everyone made were just beautiful, and everyone took home enough felt to make more felted items and fuel the fire for more felting workshops in future.

We'd love to have Lucy back later in the year to teach us how to make a specific item, perhaps a hat, scarf or pair of slippers- what would you be most interested in making?

Let us know!

Lucy will also be teaching workshops at Darling's Beach Retreat in Cape Bridgewater from Nov 2-5 2018.

The weekend features 8 tutors running a whole host of workshops in basket weaving, spinning, felting, knitting and weaving, including specific skills like carding, blending, wool dying and boucle plying. $280 per person not including individual workshops- contact Kerry Cleary by joining the Darling's Beach Retreat Facebook Group for more info!

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