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Crazy for Kombucha!

Our weekend's workshop with the incredible knowledgeable and lovely Hayley Dawson was a roaring success- not only did we have a relaxed afternoon enjoying drinks and healthy nibbles in the beautiful HIRL complex, but we learnt everything there is to know about kombucha, delved into probiotics, prebiotics and gut health, and left with 1.4 litres of the stuff to ferment at home!

The afternoon was very interactive; mixing demonstrations with hands-on activities, Q&A sessions, lots of tastings and of course socialising! We tasted plain, pineapple and mint, and mixed berry kombuchas and learnt how to add our own flavourings in a second ferment, and how to keep our SCOBY's alive and well for making future batched of kombucha or gifting to friends so they can start their own too. Hayley had also printed really comprehensive booklets with instructions, background information, Top Tips and heaps of recipes from kombucha jellies to kombucha cocktails- thanks Hayley!

Our grazing table of healthy snacks and raw nibbles was a great hit too to go with our teas, coffees, chilled water and kombucha- we had bliss balls, mini zucchini cakes, mountains of fruit and everyone wanted the recipe for Hayley's raw raspberry cheesecake!

This was our largest workshop yet, and it was wonderful to meet so many lovely local people and have a shared experience that was actually as insightful as it was fun. Thanks again to Hayley for sharing your wisdom and SCOBYs- can't wait to taste my creation once it's had its first (and possible second) ferment!Thanks also for offering a discount on you Naturopathy services to everyone present, I'm sure now we know more about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy you'll have a few visits from attendees!

What's Next?

Now for our next workshop, and in quick succession too! This time we're learning all the techniques and tips required to paint colourful geometric canvasses with the internationally renowned Jasmine Mansbridge in her Hamilton studio!

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