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Tasty Treats and Tassel Necklaces!

Tasseltastic Tuesday!

Tassel Necklaces My Crafternoons

On Tuesday we had a gloriously cosy night at the Grange Restaurant in Hamilton, crafting away to some soothing sounds, enjoying local wine and munching on platters of marinated steak, spring rolls, croquettes, garlic bread and chips- (carbs and crafting go so well together!).

With an intimate crew of 6, we really got to know each other and it was such a relaxing way to spend an evening. Thanks ladies for coming along and being so lovely!

We selected our favourite style of necklace, between cable/link chain, rope chain and a twisted curb chain.

We then used a variety of threads including embroidery floss, cottons and metallic threads to produce different styles of tassels, from squat little tassels to sleek longer ones, in the colours we felt drawn to.

You can see a tutorial of how to make a tassel HERE, which accompanies the re-cap of our Tassel Rope Necklace Crafternoon from a while back. They're very easy to make and you'll be hooked!

Check out some of the gorgeous creations made on the night:

Details for February's Crafternoon are almost finalised so sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook for news and more crafty goodness!

Happy Crafting! :)

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