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Croquettes, Clay and Cute Little Ring Bowls!

We had such a good time taking over Henriz Cafe in Hamilton for our night of crafting with air-dry clay, it really was the perfect venue and we will no doubt be back!

We had so much space, delicious pies, croquettes and deli platters made by the fantastic Chef, Josh, a soundtrack of great music and truly fabulous company. Thank you everyone for coming and making the night so much fun!

Crafters learnt about different types of air-dry clay, how to colour the white clay using acrylic paint, which proved to be a messy process for some!

We then twisted and merged different colours together to produce a marbled effect, which produced some gorgeous effects:

To shape the bowls, we used rolling pins to flatten the clay and cut around them with craft knives, or free-styled using the pinch-pot technique (good tutorial here). Curved shapes were created using tapas bowls, coffee cups, cardboard gelato cups, shot glasses and jars. We even got resourceful and folded tinfoil into shapes to rest the clay on while it dried, which had a more 'organic' look!

We also experimented with adding texture, using stamps, lace doilies, and even adding PEPPER for speckles! Glitter was popular too and we finished off some of the edges using metallic paint, or took some home to finish off after sanding the edges.

Everyone had such a good time socialising, drinking wine and took home a whole box of handmade goodies, and the skills to make more at home. We all got super excited for the NEXT Crafternoon too- which is going to be DELICIOUS!

On Sunday 24th July from 2-5pm, Penny Bell will be teaching some really creative and modern ways of assembling and decorating mini layer cakes and beautiful cupcakes like the ones below:

Full blog post about that HERE and you can see some of her beautiful creations on Instagram @penbell- here's a sneak peak! Almost too good to eat!

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Ciao for now :)

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