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Pot Painting Party at Off The Rails Dunkeld

Yesterday's pot-painting Crafternoon was such a nice relaxing afternoon, filled with far too much afternoon tea, lots of brews, experimenting with paint techniques, retro tunes and friendly chatter. Thanks everyone for coming- always nice to meet new people and see friendly faces! I also loved eating this stuff for Sunday night's dinner- such a day of treats!

Dunkeld's Off The Rails was a perfect space to take over- well equipped with tables, seating, two kitchen spaces, toilets and very welcome heating! It was great to have creative folk spray painting out on the platform edge, rather than having the train station fall into disrepair and be graffitied with the same technique! That newly refurbished building will have a lot more going on in the future I'm sure, from art exhibitions to artist in residence programs, workshops and community events- watch this space!

We used a heap of painting techniques so everyone's pot came out totally unique, and we learnt to problem-solve quite a bit along the way! Spray paints (my fave) gave smooth coverage and a lovely metallic lustre, and acrylic paints in every colour (including neon) allowed everyone to paint on their designs, using sponges or stippling for texture, the ends of paintbrushes for dots, the sides of paintbrushes for petal shapes, and even needle ends for tiny details. Different masking tapes were useful for crisp lines, we especially liked the low-tack painters tape from Bunnings! We had a couple of do-overs, more than a few frustrating mistakes and it turns out that dripping paint down the sides of a pot is far messier than intended, but everyone had fun and was proud of their creation!

We even painted some rocks to resemble cacti, because cacti totally ROCK (sooo punny!)

Check out some of our creations- more pics added once they're planted at home or styled as indoor planters!

Details of the next Crafternoon will be released soon, but pencil in Tuesday 28th June- activity to be revealed!

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