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Wonderful Woolly Wall Hangings

On Thursday we settled in for a marvellous night at The Grange Restaurant in Hamilton to make some beautiful wall hangings, and the creations made were absolutely fabulous!

Crafters had free reign to gather whatever materials they fancied, basing their design on either a straight wooden dowel, a rustic branch or a golden hoop. My hoarding tendencies were revealed in box upon box of extra materials to use, including dozens of balls of wool and yarn, bundles of rope, thread and string, mountains of lace, ribbons and trim, natural feathers and oodles of beads, shells and mini gold hoops. Inspired by numerous creations found on Pinterest and in my previous post, our gaggle of happy crafters just got stuck in, fuelled by wine and finger food from the chefs at The Grange. We ate garlic prawns, duck spring rolls, bruschetta, goats cheese and chorizo bites and a selection of party pies- all delicious!

I gave demonstrations on making yarn tassels, pom poms and adding fringing to the hanging, and it was fantastic to see everyone experimenting and coming out with such unique hangings! Here are a few of the resulting creations- from fringed wall hangings to dream catchers and mobiles- the range made was awesome!

Some of our creations are in the process of being finished off at home, as it turns out that making heaps of pom poms does take quite a while! How cute are the colours though?

Avid crafter Lisa (the genius behind Two Happy Hounds dog accessories) stunned us with an awesome strawberry pom pom (tutorial HERE), and we learnt that using a nifty pom-pom maker is better than the wrapping-around-your-hand method (which in turn is much better than the retro cardboard circle way!). Slicing through the strands of a pom-pom maker with a craft knife is quick and only a little dangerous too!

Our next Crafternoon will be happening this month- exact time and date TBC, all I'll say for now is that there will be paint, and we MIGHT be in a newly opened local art space in Dunkeld- be excited!

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