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Christmas Crafty Vino Bus!

DISCLAIMER- No responsibility can be taken by My Crafternoons for any injuries acquired whilst being overcome with EXCITEMENT at the following post- WAHOO!!!

My Crafternoons is excited to announce that we'll be running a VERY special workshop to act as our Christmas break-up celebration, on Saturday 5th December 2015.

We'll be hopping aboard Hamilton's finest minibus at noon, bonding over chat and tunes between a mystery stop or two, before getting off at the Suffoir Vineyard and Cellar door. There we will sample their range of local wines, quaff a glass of whichever you deem to be the best, and nibble on some platters of meats, cheeses and other lovely stuff before getting creative.

We'll be learning how to weave a grape vine wreath from scratch, using vines prepared from the winery itself. You'll leave with one lovely, simple, festive wreath to proudly hang at home, or to embellish as you wish.

It's a happy combination of so many good things: CRAFTING, wine, cheesy meaty platters, equally as cheesy Christmas music, roadtripping through the beautiful Western District scenery, surprises and socialising. What's not to like?

Just imagine: you'll wake up full of excitement, have your weekend brunch, then head to the pick-up spot in the centre of Hamilton (exact location TBC). You'll hop aboard for an afternoon of crafty vino-fuelled fun, then be dropped back in Hamilton around 5pm. Plenty of time to head off to your evening activities, or just follow me to the nearest watering hole for more 'hydration' in the sun :)

----- Places are limited so booking is essential! -----

Email with your name and phone number and I'll reply with details of how to pay your $65. Once you've received confirmation of payment- you're in! Congrats!

Note: NO CANCELLING ON ME! Seriously, that wouldn't be cool*

*Unfortunately, since numbers need to be known well in advance for the bus and catering etc, any cancellations made more than a week in advance will lose out on 25% of their ticket price, and cancellations made in the week running up to the event can't be refunded. If you find someone to take your place that's no problem, just let me know! :)


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