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Nail Polish Marbling: Tutorial & Event Pics!

I think I can summarize our last craft workshop with the eloquent phrase; OH SO MANY PRETTY COLOURS AND PEOPLE AND MINI MILK BOTTLES AND WINE AND FOOD WAHOO!

Seriously, last week's craft workshop was Awesome. Note the capitalisation.

A whole gaggle of us met in Hamilton's Blue Malt Restaurant, learnt a nifty craft technique, enjoyed some refreshing drinks, tasty food and girly conversation, and left with some seriously swoon-worthy little milk bottles to brighten up any space.

As the bottles needed a little while to dry before we could spray them with sealant and take them home, we got busy making gift tags or adding wire hangers to the tops of our creations. We added tiny hessian flowers, patterned buttons and twine to make them even cuter!

Aren't they fab? We were fuelled by cheeses, meats, quiches, bruschettas (and maybe the odd wine) throughout the night by the chefs at Blue Malt, where we had our Tassel Necklaces Crafternoon (read about that HERE!) and our CrafTEA one too!

If you want to try this at home, there are three main steps: 1) Pouring nail polish into a bowl of water, 2) rolling your item beneath the 'skin' of paint so it sticks to the sides, and 3) let it dry!

Bright, bold colours like hot pink and dark blue turned out really well, but pastels were subtly pretty too. We found that pouring the polish was better for even coverage, as shaking the bottle produced blobs which were a bit thick once on the bottles and occasionally dripped. All part of the charm though!

I especially loved one done with grey below as it looked like smoke was swirling around inside the bottle- ooooooo...

I love sharing crafts with a group as other people always come up with some way to improve on the method or the finished result, and this Crafternoon was no exception.

Rylie used some copper wire to hang and decorate her milk bottles, which looks really hipster but also kind of luxe at the same time. I like:

Regular attendee Cindy make a hanging display for her bottles by taping together some of the kebab skewers I'd brought, wrapping it in twine, and adding lengths of twine tied with bows to hang the bottles from. I can just see it hanging in a window with a couple of freshly cut flowers poking out at different heights- divine!

Here are some links to other nail varnish tutorials done by fellow crafters across the web, be inspired!

These wooden boxes use painters tape to add a sharp line-nice touch! @ Brit + Co

Enough eye candy, you'll want to know how you can make your own! Here's that free printable tutorial I promised you, happy crafting!


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