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Pom Pom Workshop Success!

The first ever Hamilton Crafternoon workshop was a great success- all attendees were overjoyed with their creations, and we had a wonderful afternoon filled with wool, hot glue guns, chai lattes, biscuits and chit chat!



Here's how we made our beautiful pom pom bouquets and garlands!

Firstly- the Pom Poms!

Gather: Sharp scissors and Wool or yarn. Here's some of the selection we had at the workshop:


We used the finger method becaue it's quick and easy, but tried the fork method to make smaller balls when required.

1) Wrap the yarn around 2 or 3 fingers depending on the intended size of the pom pom, not so tightly that you cut off circulation though!

2) Slide the wool loops off the fingers carefully and tie round the middle tightly with another piece of yarn or thread. If using a thick thread like Sashay (which produces a great fluffy pom pom) you may need a thinner thread to tie in the centre.

3) Snip each loop so all the ends are loose. Trim into a sphere, squeezing the fibres together as you go to make it neat!

Fork method:

1) Wrap yarn multiple times around the centre of a fork head, quite tightly.

2) Tie a separate piece of yarn between the prongs and tie tightly.

3) Slide the yarn off the fork and trim the loops into a messy pom pom, then shape into a ball. Fab photo tutorial from vividplease below:

fork pom pom.jpg

Now, what to do with these little balls of joy?

We made a bouquet each, and look at these happy faces!


To make the bouquets:

Sticks or branches for bouquets

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Ribbon to tie branches together

Vase to prop up sticks in and display


Simply part the fibres of the pom pom, squeeze some hot glue in the parting near the centre and squish onto the end of your stick to make a faux flower. Display however you wish- this one looks great in it's little jar with rustic twine:

cindys bouquet.jpg

I also made an ecelectic garland by threading the pom poms onto some stripey thread, using a large needle, and doubling back the thread through each pom pom to secure it in place, like so:


Et voila!


Stay tuned for info on next month's workshop! Until then, I'll be admiring my handiwork and showing it off as much as humanly possible:


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