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Christmas Party teaser, blog updates and some Fave DIY projects!

Yesterday's Crafty Vino Bus Tour was AH-MAZING, a huge thanks to everyone who came along and to those who made the day extra special; notably to Jennifer Lacey and family from Pierrepoint wines, Robyn from the Byaduk Store, Michelle and Pieter from Suffoir Winery and Cellar Door and our wonderful bus driver Adam!

Full blog-post with many pics to follow but until then I just couldn't resist sharing this adorable pic of us happy crafters with our handmade festive wreaths.

I don't know if we're smiling so much because of our awesome creations, our tummies full of cheese or the glasses of wine we had, but BOY was it a great day!

ALSO, there have been a couple of changes to the blog!

It's now even easier to sign up to our monthly-ish newsletter, so you'll never miss news or updates like future crafternoon workshops- woohoo!

I've also added a blogroll to the main page linking to a huge numer of awesome craft and DIY blogs I've stumbled upon- I decided it wasn't fair of me to hog all their goodness so in the vein of sharing is caring, go forth and explore! :)

Here are some of my favourite projects from some of those blogs:

Last but not least, I love these

Check out the other blogroll links on the main page of the site, down on the left!


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