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Crafternoon Workshop: Pom Pom Garlands and Bouquets

Hello there Happy Crafters!

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce the first of many Hamilton Crafternoon Workshops:

DIY Pom Pom Garlands and Bouquets!

We will be using yarn, wool and acrylic to make puffy balls of fluffy awesomeness, which you can choose to either thread into a colourful garland or make them into faux-flower bouquets.


pom pom heart.jpg

You may have seen the beautiful pom pom decorations in Tarrington's Cafe Catalpa below, or wish to hark back to days gone by when pom pom making was all the rage- well, they're back, and no longer confined to the tops of wooly hats!


To book your place at the workshop, email, use our contact from or send us a message on Facebook.

The workshop will be held in the Roxburgh cafe at 64 Thompson St Hamilton, from

2pm on Saturday 30th August and should last around 2 hours.

The workshop costs $15, which includes a delicious Roxburgh House tea, coffee or hot chocolate of your choice, and a few biccies of course.

Feel free to bring any wool, yarn or string you already have if you want specific colours, but a range will be provided, along with all other equipment. If you intend to made a bouquet and have a vase/jar/bottle you envisage them living in, then feel free to bring that to cut your stems to size, though it's not necessary.

Spaces limited, but hoping we can fit in everyone who wants to come!

Tutorial to follow the event- watch this space!


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