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Lovely Leather Earrings Galore

Last month's Crafternoon making our own bespoke leather earrings was just fabulous!

Everyone created at least one pair, most managed two, and all of them were as unique as their creators!

We had galaxy print inspired statement earrings made especially for Groovin' The Moo Festival, gum-leaf shaped earrings finished with a cute button, layered geometric shapes with pearl accents, hand-painted patters and bold metallic-leaf touches. ALL just fabulous!

Here are some of the creations we whipped up- see the "DIY Earrings" Highlight on the @mcycrafternoons Instagram for more beauties- and lots of boomerang videos!

I was a little busy helping everyone to use jewellery pliers and jump rings, to create their own bead headpins and to cut and layer their leathers to actually make any in the workshop, but I made some after the class ended that I think are cute!

Just LOOK how happy we all were with our creations too (with tummies full of fruit and sweet treats too) - if you look closely you'll see some more designs also!

Next month we're doing to learn creative skills of a different sort - drawing and painting pretty floral wreath artworks!

The blog post is live HERE if you want to learn more and join in, and the Facebook event is HERE - all welcome for this one regardless of age or skill level!

See you at a crafternoon in future!


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