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April's Crafternoon: Wall Hangings

It's been too long my fellow crafters of Western Victoria! You can finally get excited for a new Crafternoon- making marvellous wall hangings!

Thursday 28th April- Save The Date!

We'll be using our creativity to combine metallic hoops, rustic sticks, mountains of wool, yarn, rope, thread, string, ribbons, lace, feathers and beads, into something totally unique and uber cool. You can keep it simple and modern, or utilise some of the skills learnt at our Tassel Necklace workshop, Pom Pom bouquet workshop, Macrame workshop or Dreamcatcher workshop to add details!

Check out these awesome creations for inspiration- but don't be overwhelmed by their awesomeness! Even non-crafty folk will find it a breeze with a little guidance, so non-creative types are welcome in this beginner-friendly crafternoon :)

The workshop costs $35 including all tools and materials, demonstrations of techniques e.g. pom pom making, tassel making, knot tying, fringing etc and yummy hot finger food from the chefs at The Grange Restaurant in Hamilton. SO GOOD, NO?!

Here's the deets- spread the word!

WHAT? Wall Hanging Workshop by My Crafternoons

WHEN? Thursday April 28th, from 6.30pm. Aiming to be done and dusted by 9pm!

WHERE? The Grange Restaurant at the Comfort Inn Grange Burn: 142 Ballarat Rd, Hamilton VIC 3300

WHAT SHALL I BRING? Nothing! Everything is included and a range of materials and colours will be available, but if you have a particular colour of yarn you'd like to use, or something sentimental you'd like to incorporate then feel free to bring it along!

WILL THERE BE WINE? Yes! The bar will be open for you to purchase whatever quenching beverages you wish, and car-sharing is encouraged!

HOW DO I BOOK? Email or contact us on Facebook to book your spot. You'll be sent a confirmation message with details on how to pay!

CAN I BRING MY MATE? Sure thing! Numbers are limited but we'll do our best to make sure there's a seat for them, just get them to contact me and book their spot!

HOW DO I MAKE SURE I ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT COOL THINGS LIKE THIS? Sign up to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook!


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