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Painted Paper Collage Tutorial + Workshop

Our second Crafternoon Workshop was just fab- our colourful collages turned out great- I will add pictures of our creations once we've all got them framed, but until then- here's one I made earlier, and the tutorial so you can make your own!


Firstly, think about what colour scheme you’d like, what shapes or patterns you might create and the papers you’ll use for a nice creative mix!


  • For block colours, consider coloured paper, metallic foil, wrapping paper, tissue paper, corrugated cardboard, patterned paper packs or just free paint chips in a range of colours!

  • For painted, textured paper, experiment with painting techniques (acrylic paint, metallic spray paints and watercolours look great) on different papers or card stock, using wet and dry paintbrushes, sponges, stamps, even fingers! Add doodles or patterns perhaps?

  • Scissors or craft knife with cutting mat.

  • Double sided tape.


1) Choose the geometric shape you’ll cut out, like triangles, squares, hexagons, chevrons, circles, crescents, parallelograms, clouds, pineapples… or freehand blobs and shapes! If you need a template, make one by sticking thick cardboard together to make an outline, or draw around objects in the shape you want.


2) Draw your chosen shape on the back of the paper you want to cut out to avoid seeing ink lines around the edges. Cut out with a craft knife or scissors. For the collage above I painted with neon acrylic and cut around a plastic curved shape onto free paint chips- love a freebie!


3) Play around with different layouts before adding double-sided tape to the backs of your shapes and sticking onto a background of your choice- I like plain white to make the colours pop!


4) Frame and admire!


Here's some pics of another larger one I made using triangles instead:


Though I played around with other layouts first, and in hindsight I would have gone with one of these:




Here are some pics of the workshop where we made our own creations!




Georgies collage_edited.jpg

Those of you with an eye for good design may have spotted the massive influence of the talented Laura Blythman in some of the group's efforts- check our her work at because she does wonderful things with paper and scissors!

Until next time! Happy Crafting!

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