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5 Years of My Crafternoons - Workshop List!

Over the past 5 years we’ve ran over 50 monthly workshops around the Greater Hamilton region in Western Victoria, learning heaps of new creative skills and making some awesome things (and awesome friends!)

It's been an absolute blast, and not one workshop has gone by where we haven't learnt something new, had fun and met some wonderful people. THANK YOU for coming along, for spreading the word, for sharing your skills and for your continued support! Since August 2015 we’ve tackled: 🌸 pom pom bouquets & garlands 🌼 painted paper collages 🌸 tassel rope necklaces 🌺 body scrubs, paper pendants & marshmallow snowmen 🌻 hand-stitched teabags 🌼 dreamcatchers 🌸 himmeli pendants 🌺 terrariums 🌸 hand-stitched owl hand warmers 🌺 macrame planter hangers 🌼 marbled milk bottle vases 🌻 personalised doormats 🌺 paper flower fascinators 🌻 grapevine wreaths on a wine tour! 🌸 kokedamas 🌻 piñatas 🌼 wall hangings 🌸 painted plant pots 🌺 air-dry clay ring bowls 🌻 cake-decorating 🌼 boho bag charms 🌺 fresh flower crowns 🌻 shibori napkins 🌺 basket weaving 🌸 sparkling Christmas stars 🌻 tassel chain necklaces 🌼 cocktail-making 🌻 crochet mug cosies, coasters & bowls
🌼 journal-stitching and paper-making 🌸 pottery 🌺 modern dreamcatchers 🌻 succulent wreaths 🌼 wool spinning & dyeing 🌺 kombucha 🌸 geometric painting 🌻 wood fired pizzas 🌸 felting 🌺 leather earrings 🌻 watercolour spring florals 🌸 Christmas baubles 🌻 botanical illustration 🌺 cuttlefish wall hangings 🌻 eco-dyeing 🌼 mixed media collages

We’ve even a free bunting workshop as part of a community festival, some private hen party or kids’ Crafternoons, and a couple of casual crafty catch-ups in places like the lovely Hamilton Botanic Gardens :) SO,

💜 Which have been your favourite? ❤️What do you want to try at future Crafternoons? 💛 If we ran any again - which sound great?

💙 Who do you know who might be an excellent collaborator in future?! Let us know about them- we love to connect creative people and enable skills sharing from passionate people! There are a number of crafts on our radar we’d love to do in future (spoon carving, soap-making, DIY perfumes, resin marbling, lino-cutting, stamp carving, mono-printing... ALL OF THE CRAFTS).

Some of the above workshops I've ran myself (hi, I'm Stacey if we haven't yet met!) and some have been collaborations with a host of talented local (and not-so-local) artists and collaborators.

THANK YOU to the following absolute legends for working with me on workshops gone by!

- Jasmine Mansbridge - International Artist

- Alyshia Bensch from Studio Marlo - Lucy Stocks - Felting Fanatic - Hayley Dawson - The Rural Naturopath - Rachel Zuch - Textile Artist - Susan Wright from Born in Paper - Tine Brok from EucyRedd Raw EcoDyes - Bec Hansen from Meraki Nest

- Cindy Riddle - succulent and crochet queen! - Amber Williams - Mumbler Mixologist

- Bruach Colliton - The Roxburgh Pizza Guru - Helen Henry - Basket-weaving Babe - Michelle Badenhorst - Wreath-weaving Winery Wonder - Jo Levy from For The Love of Flora - Julie Love - Ceramic Artist in the HIRL Pottery Studios

- Penny Bell from Bake & Bloom - Saskia Bastock - Macrame extraordinaire

Email us, send us a Facebook message or comment on our Facebook posts to let us know your ideas and to give us some feedback- feel free to leave a review if you've been to a Crafternoon too!

Thanks again,

Stacey :)

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