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Paper Making and Handmade Journal Workshop!

We're beyond excited to announce another AWESOME collaboration for June's Crafternoon, this time with the lovely Susan from Bryon Bay's Born In Paper!

Susan is passionate about paper; using sustainable materials and handmade processes to make stunning sheets of paper and to craft bespoke products like journals, wedding stationary and even lamps. Check out Susan's Facebook and Instagram @borninpaper to see some of her awesome projects!

Here are the details:

Paper-Making and Handmade Journal Workshop with BORN IN PAPER:

$60, SUNDAY JUNE 25, 9.30 am-12 noon, in the converted train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld.

This beginner-friendly workshop has two awesome halves:

Firstly, Susan will teach you everything you need to know about making handmade paper with a mould and deckle. You'll learn how to make paper from recycled and found materials; preparing your pulp, adding cotton and colour, flowers and seeds, pulling sheets of paper, pressing, embossing and drying.

Secondly, you'll each make a single signature hand-stitched A5 journal with a button and leather wrap, using Born In Paper's pre-prepared beautiful handmade sheets and filling with your choice of recycled papers.


Susan will have some of her mould and deckle kits available for purchase at the workshop in case you can't wait to make more paper at home, and can answer any questions you have if you're keen to try your new-found skills again at home.

This workshop costs $60 including all materials, tuition and even a delicious morning tea- be sure to let Susan know if you have any specific dietary requirements when you book!

Bookings can be made via the SHOP page on Susan's website;

Remember to quote your first name and 'Hamilton' in the transaction description when you pay!

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this workshop as I'll be in my brother's wedding in the UK, but our band of happy crafters will be in capable hands with Susan!

Places are limited for this one so don't wait too long to book in!

Any questions contact Susan directly on 0423 261 588 or shoot her an email;


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