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Piñata Party- Tutorial and Workshop Recap

On Friday night we took over one of the Roxburgh's regal rooms for a fabulous evening full of good friends, pizzas and pinatas- and boy oh boy did we come up with the goods!

Everyone chose their shape; from clouds to cacti, cake to watermelon, even a geometric gem that turned into a pyramid due to lack of patience! Everyone left feeling full from tasty pizzas, quenched from Coronas or sparkling wine and satisfied from their evening of sociable creativity.

Here are some snaps of our soiree:

How cute are some of our creations? I'm waiting on some of the finished touches to be added to a couple of them before theyr'e displayed in all their glory, but tomorrow my rainbow coloured pyramid/octopus pinata will be happily bashed by 2 year old Hugo, with a little help from the 'grown-ups' of course!

The flamingo can wait until I have my own party I think!

If you want to know how to make one, stay tuned for a simple tutorial. Basically it goes like this:

1) Make a template

2) Turn it into a box

3) Glue tissue paper fringing all over it

4) Fill it with goodies!!

For much better instructions, see HERE at fab crafty blog; Oh Happy Day:

The NEXT Crafternoon will be EASTER THEMED (YAY!) because it's March and we love all things bunny and egg-related, esoecially if they're EGGSTRA Cute!! Details to follow, but keep the evening of WEDNESDAY 23rd March Free!!

Follow us on Facebook or sign up to the newsletter for more details as they're announced!!

=: ) (That's a bunny by the way)

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