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Pizza and Piñata Party!

Next Friday 26th Feb we're will be taking over the top level of The Roxburgh for something a little bit frivolous and a LOT of fun!


Oh yes, those awesome frill-covered colourful cardboard shapes that are designed to be filled with lollies and candy, hung from a branch and smashed with a baseball bat- if you can bear to ruin your creation!

We will have templates for a few simple shapes and a range of coloured tissue paper, but creativity will be encouraged! Personally I'm thinking pineapple... then I could hang it at a tropical luau party... or if you're disheartened with your lack of Valentines gifts this year you could make a heart for the joy of smashing it up- whatever floats your boat!


What? Pinata making workshop and woodfired pizzas with some lovely local people

When? Friday 26th Feb from 6.45pm

How much does it cost? $35 per person including some tasty wood-fired pizzas to share!

What shall I bring? Not a thing, just your fine selves and perhaps some extra $ for drinks... hello Friday night vinos!

Sounds FAB- can I come? SURE! Places are limited but fire an email to mycrafternoons @ and we'll do our best to queeze you in! You can also comment the Facebook post or send a private message, and await confirmation from yours truly!

Can I invite a friend or two? Yes indeedy- either get them to book themselves in or let me know their name and email address!


Here's some inspiration until then...

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