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Having a Ball making Hanging Moss Balls!

Last weekend we again graced the garden of avid My Crafternoons supporter and fellow creative lady; Cindy, for an afternoon of gardening crafts and afternoon tea treats.

Just LOOK at our awesome afternoon nibbles- though I don't think much dinner will have been eaten after this feast!!

Everyone left with a beautiful moss-covered ball of love, with either a succulent or some native violets growing out of the top. As we were using sphagnum moss we could get away with sun-loving succulents, but if you're using living moss from a florist or forest floor (try saying that quickly) then you'd want shade-loving plants instead. Here are some ideas for suitable plants, though it depends on how big they are, what kind of moss you're using and where you intend to hang them!

Ferns eg Maiden Hair, Staghorn or Birds Nest, Devily's Ivy, Jade, Aloe, Elephant Ear, Sea Urchin, Creeping fig, Mondo grass, Asian Bell trees, mini palms, silver dust, hypoestes, false aralia, money plants, elephant ear, lucky bamboo, philodendron, begonias, cyclamen, lobelia... the list goes on! Some of these are annual though so won't flower all your round- choose wisely!

We also had mountains of coloured threads and wool, fluro brickie's line and rustic twine and string to choose from- we saw som really creative ways of wrapping and even had a few good ideas thrown into the mix- hanging with fishing line so it looks like it's floating was my fave!

Once we'd had a cuppa and a few homemade treats, I gave a demonstration of how to create a hanging moss ball and everyone chose the plant or succulent cutting that they wanted to use. We love succulents as they just grow roots wherever you put them, so cuttings were fine for us, though rooted plants are ideal as they're already getting settled in!

We then paired up as it is a little easier working with a friend, as they can rinse off your dirty mitts to keep your moss clean, or can hold the ball while you wrap it with string. As you can see everyone was working together amazingly!

A resounding THANK YOU goes to Cindy for hosting us all, displaying her succulent creations (available HERE on her Facebook Page) and for helping to run the workshop- you're the best Cinds!

Here are some more snaps from the workshop:

Here's your FREE printable, downloadable Kokedama Tutorial- happy crafting!

Our NEXT workshop will be SO fun, colourful and unashamedly frivolous- we're making Pinatas!

More info to follow soon, but for now just know that we'll be making frilly, fabulous, cute and colourful shapes that almost look too pretty to bash!

Here's some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

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