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Dreamcatcher Tutorial & Pics

On Wednesday 26th March we had our biggest craft workshop yet, with half a pub full of happy crafters and their dreamy creations!

Check out some of the event pics below, and scroll down for your FREE tutorial print-out :)

Now for the goods- and what TREATS we came out with, in all colours of the rainbow from bright primary colours to muted pastels and natural hues.

There were some awesome dreamcatchers made using a variety of techniques from the traditional web weaving technique, to a super-fast wrapping technique idea for crafters who prefer a more modern, abstract look.

The three below all use the webbing technique, where you weave your thread at a few even points around the cicle, then through the midpoint of each taut string as you weave in a spiral (here's a great tutorial on exactly how to do that from

Another more modern, abstract technique is just to wrap across the circle in any direction like the three below, which is also way faster than weaving. The one in the centre was done on a gold hoop and a section was left bare to reveal the metallic hoop- a nice touch from Sybil! The one on the right was made my wrapping the hoop like a Spirograph (remember them!?) which I just love! Well done Eve :)

The dreamcatchers below used a variety of wool, thread, ribbon and lace to hang from the bottom, with a few feathers in there for good measure. According to legend, dreamcatchers catch all the bad dreams which melt in the morning sun, allowing the good dreams filter down the feathers at the bottom to the sleeper. With any of these beauties handing in our rooms we're sure that every day would be dreamier when awake and enjoying their awesomeness!

The three dreamcatchers below each had something quirky about them, whether it was braiding the bottom threads, adding bunches of wild feathers or sticking one quirkily on the top like a feather in a hat. Bravo creative comrades!

We also enjoyed cocktails made by the lovely young couple running Cavendish's Bunyip Hotel, alongside tasty mini parma bites- the chicken parma goodness we know and love, but tiny, and topped with such delights as sundried tomatoes, brie, mushrooms, pineapple and salami. THEN we had ice cream, sticky date puddings and salted caramel cake- YUM!

Below is the print out I distributed on the night. Usually I take all my own photos for tutorials but all photo credits go to Gwen at as I didn't have time to photograph my own- sorry! Check out her site too for photography tips and other DIYs!

Since then I've been making a few more for friends- here are a couple below!

You can see more pics from the event and keep up to date on future Crafternoons by liking our Facebook page, and also get more inspiration from our Pinterest boards- get amongst it!


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