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Crafty Picnic in the Gardens to start 2020!

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Glitter makes Everything BETTER

February 19, 2019

What a dreamy afternoon we had in the cute converted railway station at the base of Mt Sturgeon, sipping tea and crafting beautiful wall hangings in our last Crafternoon.

Bec from Meraki Nest and I filled the room with delicious sweet treats, mountains of craft supplies and the biggest basket of cuttlefish I've ever soon (not that I've ever seen a basket of cuttlefish, but if I had it wouldn't have had a patch on Bec's!)

Everyone created something totally unique- using sculpted cuttlefish, rafia, beads, twine, bark, feathers, even sheoak seed pods turned into nature's most beautiful beads. Check our the photo gallery below for an insight into the fun we had at our lovely Crafternoon!

Our next workshop is going to be equally as creative and lovely!

We're teaming up with the talented Tine Brok from Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes to learn how to use botanical elements to colour and add printed details to beautiful fabric scarves, in the luscious grounds of the Hamilton institute of Rural Learning...

February 14, 2019

This month we’re collaborating with the lovely Tine Brok of Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes for a hands-on Crafternoon on botanical eco dyeing!

We’re going to nestle into the mud brick HIRL Art Rooms, surrounded by 11 acres of native parklands, with a bandicoot enclosure, native edible plant garden, veggie patches, natural wetlands and lots of lovely flowers and foliage. 

Tine will guide an intimate group of us on how to dye and add patterns to fabric with botanical elements like petals, leaves and bark, how to use mordants, bind your scarves and make the magic happen!

We’ll each take home a finished good-quality wool or vegan cotton/hemp scarf which you've coloured yourself using botanical materials and specialist products. 

The workshop also includes a little information booklet to take home, a walking tour to learn how to identify dye plants and discuss responsible foraging, take-home seeds to start planting your own dye-producing garden, and refreshments (drinks and sweet treats!)

Not to mention...

January 29, 2019

HOW happy does everyone look with their new-found drawing skills at our last Crafternoon?

Fuelled by carrot cake, bliss balls, oreo truffles and fresh fruit, we learnt to draw a variety of leaf shapes, then leaf clusters and lots of flowers and blooms. Then we combined them into shapes like circles, wreaths and letters, or got a bit creative with stencils for really unique pieces of art. Using only simple materials; pencils, pens, paint and paper, we had a really relaxing crafty evening!

Everyone I think surprised themselves with their abilities, since the illustrative style we were aiming for was genuinely SO SIMPLE but effective. We had flowers which started with 'kidney beans' and 'coffee bean' shapes, 'squiggly circles' and plenty of lines and dots. From roses and tulips to hydrangeas, bottlebrush and daisies, we learnt to draw a variety of flowers, with people adding their own flair and creating their own blossoms too.

Everyone left with a lovely piece of art they had creat...

January 18, 2019

We've been excited for this workshop since October, when the lovely Bec from Meraki Nest and I bonded by her divine caravan at Dunkeld's Three Peaks Festival.

Surrounded by macrame, hand-poured soaps, feathers, carved spoons and handmade creations to delight every boho babe and boho bloke around, a plan was formed. 

Bec is travelling up from her new-ish home of Woolsthorpe to collaborate for this one-off Crafternoon, making beautiful cuttlefish wall hangings in the adorable converted train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld.

Bec moved from Melbourne and bought a cute church in Woolsthorpe which is now her studio and workshop space. Aside from running workshops there, Bec also takes her lovely caravan to events across the South West.  

Bec has been working with cuttlefish bone since being inspired on a camping trip to Killarney Beach near Port Fairy 4 years ago and playing with different designs ever since. Under her guidance, we'll use beads, twine, found cuttlefi...

January 3, 2019

So long 2018... HELLO 2019 and a whole new year of awesome Crafternoons!

We've had a ripper year of workshops, including awesome afternoons and evenings getting to grips with:

- Wool Spinning and Dyeing

Wood-fired Pizzas (that counts as crafting, right?)

- Kombucha

- Jasmine Mansbridge-inspired Paintings

- Felted Flowers

- Crochet Bowls

- Leather Feather Earrings

- Cocktails (that totally counts as a craft too)

- Watercolour Floral Paintings

- & Personalised Baubles!

We're kicking off a brand new year with a pretty simple, but simply pretty workshop learning some basic botanical illustration techniques. Even if you've never drawn a flower or a leaf before in your life, and feel about as comfortable wielding a coloured pencil as you do holding a wand, you will absolutely be able to nail this workshop! 

We will learn to draw some simple flowers, leaves and botanical elements, and combine them to fill an invisible outline of a letter or a shape of your choice. Whether it's the first initia...

December 18, 2018

This year's My Crafternoons Christmas Party was an absolute corker!

17 lovely women, a friendly dog and gorgeous baby took over Pierrepoint Winery and Cellar Door just outside of Hamilton for an afternoon surrounded by all things craft, Christmas and sparkles!

Everyone made 6 embellished, filled and painted baubles for gifts or for their own tree, and the breadth of the creativity was just awesome.

Some were monochrome with illustrated details, some spray painted or filled with glitter and sparkles, one was painted to look like a reindeer, others were filled with rosemary and faux-snow, embellished with flowers, lace and ribbons, rustic with feathers and twine... the breadth of creations was mind-blowing!

I was on hand in case people needed guidance (the tassel tutorial may come in handy for workshops next year) but everyone had creative freedom to use the plethora of craft supplies I'd collard any way they wanted to. We had stamps to create shapes or print messages, wool make pom-pom atta...

November 21, 2018


OK I will try to contain my excitement, but needless to say I have been bursting at the seams to release details on this Crafternoon workshop, since it involves a triad of my favourite festive things:

1) Crafting - a set of 4 bespoke Christmas Baubles filled with sparkles and snow...

2) Drinking - delicious local Bubbles...

3) Michael Bublé*!

*Michael has a full calendar at this time of year so will not be able to physically join us, though we will have his Christmas back catalogue filling Pierrepoint Cellar Door with Christmas cheer, and he sends his love.

Oh ho ho YES folks, we're combining Baubles, Bubbles and Bublé at the fabulous Pierrepoint Winery and Cellar Door for this year's Christmas Crafternoon, and it's going to be DELIGHTFUL.

The lovely folks at Pierrepoint are building us a cheese-based grazing table (it's Christmas, there has to be cheese) and everyone who books in will receive a free drink on arrival. Their s...

November 6, 2018

We're going to spend a creative morning soaking up the summer vibes at the hidden gem that is Hamilton's Community Pocket Garden, making moss-wrapped kokedamas

This time of year makes us want to be out in the garden or at least soaking up the beautiful blooms and enjoying mother earth more than we did while we were hibernating over winter. Kokedamas have been popping up in lots of areas of my life recently, so we're taking it as a sign that we're meant to revisit these furry friends, get our hands dirty and create something simple that's a little bit lovely. 

Kokedamas are Japanese hanging moss balls, consisting of a plant that's bound into a sphere. They are designed either to be displayed on a decorative saucer, or hanging from a hook or branch. They look tricky to make but they're easy peasy once you get the 'hang' of it! Here are some pics from the kokedama workshop we ran in 2016.

So, in a nutshell:


A fun 2-hour Kokedama-Making Workshop in which you'll design...

October 24, 2018


First we had a rad time at Dunkeld's 3 Peaks Festival, where we met awesome creative people and even managed to organise a super unique workshop for early next year (YAY), had a FABULOUS time at Mumbler bar in Hamilton running our workshop, and on Sunday got to share more about My Crafternoons at the Hamilton Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo, since crafting is so good for the soul :)

An absolute highlight has to be hearing the room filed with laughter as everyone got to know each other and enjoyed our afternoon of fun lady time! Enjoying delicious cocktails with creative garnishes was just the cherry on the cake, it was such an awesome experience with a lovely bunch of women. Thanks to everyone who booked in and shared in our lovely afternoon!

Amber was a wealth of knowledge and tips as always, teaching us the correct way to use a Boston shaker, explaining the science behind why we shake/stir/build in the glass (who knew that icy water can actually bring out...

October 21, 2018

We had such a beautiful afternoon last month learning how to paint watercolour flowers in the lovely Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning, with our talented tutor; Rachel Zuch.

We'd filled the room with fresh flowers (inspiration, subject matter and beautiful decor - winning), examples of Rachel's work and mountains of craft supplies including watercolour paint palettes, papers, pencils, art erasers and soft round-tipped brushes. We also may have over-catered on the afternoon tea, with everything from homemade sausage rolls and rhubarb cake to cheese platters and bliss balls - simply scrumptious! 

Rachel began with some warm-up exercises to loosen up our arms and introduce some of the techniques used in watercolour painting to study subjects, capture form and perspective, create organic shapes and lovely 'bleeding' colours. We also learn about colour theory, layering pigments and adding details- even the couple of attendees who had painted previously learnt something new! It was a f...

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