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March 4, 2016

On Friday night we took over one of the Roxburgh's regal rooms for a fabulous evening full of good friends, pizzas and pinatas- and boy oh boy did we come up with the goods!


Everyone chose their shape; from clouds to cacti, cake to watermelon, even a geometric gem that turned into a pyramid due to lack of patience! Everyone left feeling full from tasty pizzas, quenched from Coronas or sparkling wine and satisfied from their evening of sociable creativity.


Here are some snaps of our soiree:



How cute are some of our creations? I'm waiting on some of the finished touches to be added to a couple of them before theyr'e displayed in all their glory, but tomorrow my rainbow coloured pyramid/octopus pinata will be happily bashed by 2 year old Hugo, with a little help from the 'grown-ups' of course!


The flamingo can wait until I have my own party I think!



 If you want to know how to make one, stay tuned for a simple tutorial. Basically it goes like this:


1) Make a template

2) Turn it into a bo...

February 12, 2016

Last weekend we again graced the garden of avid My Crafternoons supporter and fellow creative lady; Cindy, for an afternoon of gardening crafts and afternoon tea treats.


Just LOOK at our awesome afternoon nibbles- though I don't think much dinner will have been eaten after this feast!!


Everyone left with a beautiful moss-covered ball of love, with either a succulent or some native violets growing out of the top. As we were using sphagnum moss we could get away with sun-loving succulents, but if you're using living moss from a florist or forest floor (try saying that quickly) then you'd want shade-loving plants instead. Here are some ideas for suitable plants, though it depends on how big they are, what kind of moss you're using and where you intend to hang them! 


Ferns eg Maiden Hair, Staghorn or Birds Nest, Devily's Ivy,  Jade, Aloe, Elephant Ear, Sea Urchin, Creeping fig, Mondo grass, Asian Bell trees, mini palms, silver dust, hypoestes, false aralia, money plants, elephant...

October 23, 2015

Last night in Hamilton's Comfort Inn Grange Burn, 8 lovely ladies gathered to learn how to make pretty flowers from paper, and make them into their very own races-ready fascinator.


We munched through platters of hot and cold finger food including arancini balls, thai spring rolls, pork belly pieces, bruschettas and mini pies and dim sims. It was all so delicious but we just couldn't get through it all- even in the 3 hours we took to leisurely chat and craft! 




A few refreshing wines and ciders kept us hydrated (ahem) as we learnt the following three main techniques for building paper flowers. They all started with cutting lots of petals in different sizes, which we curved by rolling them around a spare glue stick and sometimes lightly folded in half to give them some shape.


1) Inside - out: For this method you start by rolling a centre for your flower, and surround it with small petals, gluing larger petals to the outside until you're happy with it's size. This produces a lengthe...

September 23, 2015

On Sunday afternoon the sun finally came out to greet us happy crafters as we made some truly unique doormats at Hamilton's Institute of Rural Learning. 


We took over HIRL's arts and craft room, a large rustic space nestled amongst their well-tended gardens, and made ourselves at home for a couple of hours. We also checked out their pottery studio, which is decked out with pottery wheels, an electric kiln, a painting booth and clay recycler, just waiting for a local potter or ceramicist to take up residency. 



Everyone brought some tasty treats to share with the group (I even made my favourite malty caramelly slice- get the recipe HERE!) and we settled in with a hot drink while we thought about what designs we wanted on our doormats. I gave the group ideas including lettering, monograms, phrases and shapes, but everyone was so imaginative we ended up with every single mat being completely different but equally as awesome :)


 Just l...

September 2, 2015

I think I can summarize our last craft workshop with the eloquent phrase; OH SO MANY PRETTY COLOURS AND PEOPLE AND MINI MILK BOTTLES AND WINE AND FOOD WAHOO!


Seriously, last week's craft workshop was Awesome. Note the capitalisation.

A whole gaggle of us met in Hamilton's Blue Malt Restaurant, learnt a nifty craft technique, enjoyed some refreshing drinks, tasty food and girly conversation, and left with some seriously swoon-worthy little milk bottles to brighten up any space.




As the bottles needed a little while to dry before we could spray them with sealant and take them home, we got busy making gift tags or adding wire hangers to the tops of our creations. We added tiny hessian flowers, patterned buttons and twine to make them even cuter!






Aren't they fab? We were fuelled by cheeses, meats, quiches, bruschettas (and maybe the odd wine) throughout the night by the chefs at Blue Malt, where we had our Tassel Necklaces Crafternoon (read about that HERE!) and our Cra...

August 9, 2015

We are still firmly in the grips of winter down here in Victoria's Western District, so our last Crafternoon had to be something warm and cosy in front of The Roxburgh's lovely open fire. Fuelled by their famous wood-fired pizzas, copious wine and Lindt hot chocolates, we made miniature heat bags in the form of be-hoot-iful owls stuffed with scented barley, and they rock!


Don't take my word for it, just see how cute they turned out:


------------     You can find your FREE printable tutorial at the bottom of this page     -------------


We learnt the basics of hand stitching, focussing on the running stitch, back stitch, cross stitch and blanket stitch. Pip Lincoln's 'Make Hey! While The Sun Shines' Craft book has an adorable page covering some of these stitches, and you can read my review of the whole book HERE.


We also attached buttons and bows, embroidered tiny little beaks and added felt details, so even those new to sewing left feeling pretty accomplished with their n...

July 22, 2015

As I spent most of June visiting family in England, exploring Budapest and eating way too much ice cream and feta (not together) in Greece, our last Crafternoon was ran by my lovely friend, Sasskia.


Sasskia runs The Bunyip Hotel in Cavendish with her partner, Nathan, so it was the perfect spot to let our happy crafters loose, even upturning chairs in pursuit of the perfect knots (more on that below) to create some retro-rad macrame planter hangers.


What is a macrame planter hanger you say? Well, it's basically knotted rope that forms a kind of basket, in which to place a bowl or vase. They were all the rage in the 70's, and trendy shops all over Australia are currently selling ready made macrame hangers for a small fortune (though K Mart have launched some cheapies- perhaps less lovingly made). There are some really awesome and time-rich folks out there who can create incredible designs with all sorts of cool knots - did I just say cool knots? - like the beauties he...

June 5, 2015

May's Crafternoon was our eagerly anticipated Succulent Terrarium making workshop, this time at the house of one of our regular attendees, Cindy, and it was ludicrously AWESOME!


Everyone left with a beautiful layered indoor garden, a tummy full of delicious food and tea, new friends, extra smile lines and the know-how to care for their terrarium and make more at home.


Even the not-so-green-fingered (including me) can be terrarium-tastic, it really is very simple- and fast! We spent 80% of our time at the Crafternoon drinking tea, chatting and eating the myriad of homemade goodies brought to share, and filled the other 20% of our time crafting some seriously cute little terrariums.


Disclaimer: Pedantic people would argue the term 'terrarium' is a bit of a misnomer here, as we used open vases for our creations, but traditionally terrariums are closed, creating their own little mini ecosystems. However, I find open ones much easier to keep alive, so we went with open, fish-...

May 1, 2015

What do you get when you mix crafting, friends, pizza, wine, chocolate brownies, chit chat and hair braiding together on a Thursday night in Hamilton? 


Only one of the best girly Crafternoons ever!


This time we went back to basics and made simple, quick and easy Himmeli sculptures out of humble plastic straws and wire- but what is Himmeli I hear you ask? The word is taken from the Swedish 'himmel' meaning heaven or sky, and these little geometric mobiles were originally used as Finnish Christmas decorations to be hung around the house and on the tree. Ah bless those Scandinavians and their good design sense!


These days, hipster design fans and crafty bloggers build them to house air plants, decorate fancy light bulbs and lay next to succulents- and for costing next to nothing, they look freakin' awesome!




Above are three different types I made from gold straws:


The simple prism (top right) is made with cotton instead of wire, so it ended up being a bit loosey-goosey for my l...

April 6, 2015

On Wednesday 26th March we had our biggest craft workshop yet, with half a pub full of happy crafters and their dreamy creations!

Check out some of the event pics below, and scroll down for your FREE tutorial print-out :)

Now for the goods- and what TREATS we came out with, in all colours of the rainbow from bright primary colours to muted pastels and natural hues.

There were some awesome dreamcatchers made using a variety of techniques from the traditional web weaving technique, to a super-fast wrapping technique idea for crafters who prefer a more modern, abstract look.

The three below all use the webbing technique, where you weave your thread at a few even points around the cicle, then through the midpoint of each taut string as you weave in a spiral (here's a great tutorial on exactly how to do that from

Another more modern, abstract technique is just to wrap across the circle in any direction like the three below, which is also way faster than weaving. The on...

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