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March 30, 2017

We have a new obsession here at My Crafternoons... basket weaving! 

After a truly wonderful weekend afternoon spent learning this ancient craft, I may be becoming addicted, and I know some of the crafters who attended are hooked now too!

A HUGE thanks to the multi-talented Helen Henry for teaching us coil basket weaving techniques, including how to start off, how to weave a structure, how to add in extra materials and how to finish off our little creations. 

I also showed our lovely bunch how to make a continuous strand of t-shirt yarn which you can use to weave, crochet, knit or braid- you can make SO MANY THINGS out of old t-shirts! Here's a good tutorial if you're curious!

The best thing about this workshop for me was the abundance of materials we could use to make little baskets- from grasses and natural fibres to sisal, raffia, wool, up-cycled material, rope and cord, held together by cotton, yarn, embroidery floss or twine and adorned with metallic thread, dried l...

February 5, 2017

Tasseltastic Tuesday!

On Tuesday we had a gloriously cosy night at the Grange Restaurant in Hamilton, crafting away to some soothing sounds, enjoying local wine and munching on platters of marinated steak, spring rolls, croquettes, garlic bread and chips- (carbs and crafting go so well together!).

With an intimate crew of 6, we really got to know each other and it was such a relaxing way to spend an evening. Thanks ladies for coming along and being so lovely!

We selected our favourite style of necklace, between cable/link chain, rope chain and a twisted curb chain. 

We then used a variety of threads including embroidery floss, cottons and metallic threads to produce different styles of tassels, from squat little tassels to sleek longer ones, in the colours we felt drawn to. 

You can see a tutorial of how to make a tassel HERE, which accompanies the re-cap of our Tassel Rope Necklace Crafternoon from a while back. They're very easy to make and you'll be hooked! 


January 28, 2017

Apologies for the delay, but I've been having such a fabulous festive season that I just haven't had time to sit down and re-cap some of the creative happenings that took place over Christmas!

Now is the time to reflect on what a WONDERFUL time we had at the My Crafternoons 'Starry Night' Xmas Party... it was just magical! A HUGE -t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u- to the lovely Emma and her Mum, Leah, for hosting us in their magnificent antique-filled home, where the dramatic decor really set the scene for festive merriment!

Thanks also to my Mum, Shirley, who helped me to find and prepare the sticks, decorate the room, bake and decorate copious cookies and gingerbread men, make savouries, cakes and sausage rolls, and put together grazing platters of nibbles for everyone to feast on. We couldn't finish everything but we tried our best, as you do at Christmas!

Everyone who came did a fantastic job of constructing their sparkly stars, which turned out so beautiful that I'll be keeping mine on disp...

November 7, 2016

October's extra special Crafternoon was a great success, no doubt in part due to our fabulous teacher, textile designer Rachel Zuch, and a great venue at Hamilton's HIRL, plus a whole bunch of lovely ladies getting their craft on. Thanks for making it awesome everyone! 

The weather threw us a challenge or two with gale force winds threatening to blow our drying tarp away and more than a little rain, but we warmed up with copious tea, coffee and biscuits!

Everyone learnt 6 different techniques used in the Japanese tie-dying art of shibori, to produce a set of napkins that co-ordinate in colour and style but have different patterning. Those that favoured a more uniform look simply chose their favourite technique and did it on all 6 for a matching set.

Let's bask in the beauty of some of the finished napkin sets in all their glory...

Plus a couple from Instagram... tag us @mycrafternoons or #mycrafternoons to share yours!

Techniques included Itajame, which uses plastic shap...

October 16, 2016

EXCITING NEWS! We are honoured to have the lovely Rachel Zuch co-hosting October’s Crafternoon, when we’re going to learn to dye our own set of napkins using the ancient Japanese tie-dying technique; Shibori. YAAAY!!!

Rachel is a talented yet incredibly humble textile designer, who studied fashion and textile design at University and undertook further study in fabric printing in Sydney, where she gained her skills in Shibori. Rachel has been working as a freelance textile designer for the past few years, specialising in beautiful hand-painted florals and graphic prints you may have seen at Jets, MARCS, Billabong and Von Zipper, even gracing the pages of Harper’s Bazaar- wowee! She’s also a rad human being with impeccable taste and a penchant for wine and cheese 👊

Rachel will be imparting her knowledge on Shibori- a Japanese method of dying fabric, involving a range of techniques to manipulate the cloth and leave areas or lines un-dyed, producing beautiful resist patt...

July 6, 2016

We had such a good time taking over Henriz Cafe in Hamilton for our night of crafting with air-dry clay, it really was the perfect venue and we will no doubt be back!

We had so much space, delicious pies, croquettes and deli platters made by the fantastic Chef, Josh, a soundtrack of great music and truly fabulous company. Thank you everyone for coming and making the night so much fun!

Crafters learnt about different types of air-dry clay, how to colour the white clay using acrylic paint, which proved to be a messy process for some!

We then twisted and merged different colours together to produce a marbled effect, which produced some gorgeous effects:

To shape the bowls, we used rolling pins to flatten the clay and cut around them with craft knives, or free-styled using the pinch-pot technique (good tutorial here). Curved shapes were created using tapas bowls, coffee cups, cardboard gelato cups, shot glasses and jars. We even got resourceful and folded tinfoil into shapes to rest...

June 14, 2016

June's Crafternoon is set to be a little gem- we're making beautiful clay ring bowls!

We'll be taking over the fabulous Henriz Cafe at 222 Gray Street in Hamilton, after hours on Tuesday 28th June from 6.30pm until around 8.30pm.  Chef Josh will prepare some yummy finger food for us and Henriz is fully licensed so we can also fuel our crafting with a drink or two- yippee!

Since we're fans of instant gratification, we'll be using air-drying clay so you can take your creations home with you and don't need to wait for them to dry, be fired and glazed.  There's also no need to bake them as they will set overnight all by themselves- easy peasy!

We'll cover a range of techniques depending on what look you want to go for; marbled, speckled, glittery or imprinted- see inspiration below!

They are super useful as little catch-all dishes and make fabulous gifts!  Here are a couple I made for an engagement present, marking them with Mr & Mrs and nesting them in a cut...

May 11, 2016

We have a NEW exciting venue to try out for this month's Crafternoon- Dunkeld's recently renovated once-abandoned train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld!


With stunning views of Mount Sturgeon, this community art space is light, bright, and ready to be taken over by some crafty cats for an afternoon of relaxed creativity. It has a kitchen, bathroom and ample space for crafting- we can't wait to fill it with chatter, good tunes, paint, tea and cake!


We'll be using a range of painting techniques to customise terracotta pots with acrylic paint for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you love polka dots, geometric designs, floral patterns, cute faces, stripes or something more abstract, we'll have plenty of inspiration and assistance in creating the perfect planter for yourself or for a gift! 


If you'd like to spend a couple of hours with lovely people, doing something relaxing and creative, enjoying a cuppa and some homemade treats, then keep that arvo free! Sunday 29th May, f...

May 4, 2016


On Thursday we settled in for a marvellous night at The Grange Restaurant in Hamilton to make some beautiful wall hangings, and the creations made were absolutely fabulous!



Crafters had free reign to gather whatever materials they fancied, basing their design on either a straight wooden dowel, a rustic branch or a golden hoop. My hoarding tendencies were revealed in box upon box of extra materials to use, including dozens of balls of wool and yarn, bundles of rope, thread and string, mountains of lace, ribbons and trim, natural feathers and oodles of beads, shells and mini gold hoops. Inspired by numerous creations found on Pinterest and in my previous post, our gaggle of happy crafters just got stuck in, fuelled by wine and finger food from the chefs at The Grange. We ate garlic prawns, duck spring rolls, bruschetta, goats cheese and chorizo bites and a selection of party pies- all delicious!



I gave demonstrations on making yarn tassels, pom poms...

March 12, 2016



We have hatched a plan for the next Crafternoon! On Wednesday 23rd March we will be having a very special Easter themed craft workshop, painting pretty little blown eggs and hiding eggstra special notes inside- a perfect little gift or treasure for yourself!



We'll be able to paint, draw on and embellish our eggs, which I will have already prepared by blowing and drying, since they can't be moist when we pop in our message.


We will also learn how to make little boxes to nest your creations in, ready for your chosen recipients to SMASH them open and reveal your message (if you can bring yourself to give them away!)


The inspiration for this craft comes from the following posts and pins:



Yummadethis on Etsy




The Quail Cottage on Etsy





Our venue for the night will be the lovely Grange Bu...

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