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April 28, 2018

I didn't know taking over a restaurant for a night to make copious pizza and have drinks under the festoon lights of the laneway could be SUCH FUN!

Our Pizza Making Crafternoon was awesome- Bruach taught us everything he knew about wood-fired and electric pizza ovens, dough, cooking techniques and even pizza paddles, pizza cutters, and topping combinations (the sauce recipe is staying a closely guarded secret however). There was such a great group of participants too- thanks everyone for coming!

Once everyone had their welcome drink, we started with an intro to pizza-making then had a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen so everyone could wash their hands and see the industrial rotating stone-floor pizza oven they use for their popular pizzas. We then had a demonstration of how to prepare the dough balls and make them into pizza bases using only our hands (rolling pins are less authentic), add just a smidgen of sauce and a scattering of good quality ingredients. Everyone made at least o...

May 11, 2017

Boy oh boy did we have fun at our My Crafternoons X Mumbler bar Cocktail-Making Workshop!

Not only did we learn to shake, stir, strain, build, rim and garnish three DELICIOUS cocktails, but we learnt all the technical terms and techniques plus handy hints for even seasoned cocktail-makers. We enjoyed cheese grazing platters, shared lots of laughs and got to take home the recipes having quaffed our creations and had a ruddy good time- and don't worry no-one drove home!

Now we know the difference between a Boston shaker and Cobbler Shaker, we know to smack our mint to release the oils but not bruise it, and how to add salt or sugar to the outside edge of the glass to avoid it affecting the cocktail itself. ALL THE SKILLS! Thanks to our awesome tutor Amber who is knowledgeable, funny and just a total babe. Amber is even happy to share her cocktail recipes with you all- I can't choose my favourite as they were all scrummy!

Check out some of the awesome pics of the eve...

July 25, 2014

Make Hey! While The Sun Shines - 25 Crafty Projects and Recipes by Pip Lincolne (2011)


Pip Lincolne is the crafter behind the shop and blog Meet Me at Mike’s, and since moving from Tassie to Melbourne (hurrah!) has produced THREE craft project books- Meet Me At Mike’s, Sew La Tea Do and this third one; Make Hey! While The Sun Shines. 


I chose this book as my first to review largely because of the colourful bunting-bordered cover, and because it’s the one my local library had in stock. I will also cast an eye over Pip’s other two books, so watch this space for future reviews :)



Reading the intro is like chatting to a crafty friend, one who is quite witty, a bit self-deprecating and very likeable. Pip makes you feel like you (yes YOU) can make crafty things even if you don’t describe yourself as a ‘crafty person’- normal people can create awesomeness too!  


Inside the front cover is a pouch containing pattern and recipe cards, including Ginger Beer and Potato Tortillas, which I certainl...

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