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November 6, 2018

We're going to spend a creative morning soaking up the summer vibes at the hidden gem that is Hamilton's Community Pocket Garden, making moss-wrapped kokedamas

This time of year makes us want to be out in the garden or at least soaking up the beautiful blooms and enjoying mother earth more than we did while we were hibernating over winter. Kokedamas have been popping up in lots of areas of my life recently, so we're taking it as a sign that we're meant to revisit these furry friends, get our hands dirty and create something simple that's a little bit lovely. 

Kokedamas are Japanese hanging moss balls, consisting of a plant that's bound into a sphere. They are designed either to be displayed on a decorative saucer, or hanging from a hook or branch. They look tricky to make but they're easy peasy once you get the 'hang' of it! Here are some pics from the kokedama workshop we ran in 2016.

So, in a nutshell:


A fun 2-hour Kokedama-Making Workshop in which you'll design...

November 29, 2017

All is now revealed for our Christmas Crafternoon on Sun Dec 17th...

We're making festive mini WREATHS (which double as centrepieces) from real live SUCCULENTS!

We'll have the run of the roost in the Bandicoot Room at the Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning (HIRL), surrounded by an inspiring garden, lapping up the sunshine, with abundant grazing platters, great tunes (and maybe Christmas Carols), hot and cold drinks and even festive games and the odd gift from Santa!

We'll learn to make the mini wreath base completely from scratch, using wire and sphagnum moss to create a sturdy moisture-holding circular base, and will learn to prepare succulent cuttings and attach them to the wreath until it's full and beautiful. You can choose to either attach a decorative ribbon to hang your wreath from a door or wall, or you can use your wreath as a centrepiece and simply add a candle in the centre. Beautiful and festive either way! 

PLUS, once you've finished admiring yo...

January 28, 2017

Apologies for the delay, but I've been having such a fabulous festive season that I just haven't had time to sit down and re-cap some of the creative happenings that took place over Christmas!

Now is the time to reflect on what a WONDERFUL time we had at the My Crafternoons 'Starry Night' Xmas Party... it was just magical! A HUGE -t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u- to the lovely Emma and her Mum, Leah, for hosting us in their magnificent antique-filled home, where the dramatic decor really set the scene for festive merriment!

Thanks also to my Mum, Shirley, who helped me to find and prepare the sticks, decorate the room, bake and decorate copious cookies and gingerbread men, make savouries, cakes and sausage rolls, and put together grazing platters of nibbles for everyone to feast on. We couldn't finish everything but we tried our best, as you do at Christmas!

Everyone who came did a fantastic job of constructing their sparkly stars, which turned out so beautiful that I'll be keeping mine on disp...

October 4, 2016

September's Crafternoon welcomed in Spring with a wonderful night crafting beautiful Flower Crowns in Dunkeld- and it was just FREAKING AWESOME!

It didn't matter that the weather outside was stormy- in our little haven of floral creativity we had fancy teas and coffees galore, homemade cakes and slices, biscuits, fruits and sweet treats plus stellar company, of course... and maybe the odd wine!

Dunkeld's Off The Rails is a cute converted train station used as a community arts space, at the foot of Mount Sturgeon in the Southern Grampians. We filled the room with long tables, vintage lace and floral table cloths and vase upon vase of beautiful flowers and foliage. 

Partly purchased from local florists and partly snipped from the gardens of willing friends, we had everything from roses, alstroemeria and spray carnations to daisies, wallflowers and cerinthe. I loved the delightfully named Kiss Me Quick and Candy Tufts, plus the gorgeous Button Pom Pom Chrysanthemums, beca...

May 11, 2016

We have a NEW exciting venue to try out for this month's Crafternoon- Dunkeld's recently renovated once-abandoned train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld!


With stunning views of Mount Sturgeon, this community art space is light, bright, and ready to be taken over by some crafty cats for an afternoon of relaxed creativity. It has a kitchen, bathroom and ample space for crafting- we can't wait to fill it with chatter, good tunes, paint, tea and cake!


We'll be using a range of painting techniques to customise terracotta pots with acrylic paint for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you love polka dots, geometric designs, floral patterns, cute faces, stripes or something more abstract, we'll have plenty of inspiration and assistance in creating the perfect planter for yourself or for a gift! 


If you'd like to spend a couple of hours with lovely people, doing something relaxing and creative, enjoying a cuppa and some homemade treats, then keep that arvo free! Sunday 29th May, f...

February 12, 2016

Last weekend we again graced the garden of avid My Crafternoons supporter and fellow creative lady; Cindy, for an afternoon of gardening crafts and afternoon tea treats.


Just LOOK at our awesome afternoon nibbles- though I don't think much dinner will have been eaten after this feast!!


Everyone left with a beautiful moss-covered ball of love, with either a succulent or some native violets growing out of the top. As we were using sphagnum moss we could get away with sun-loving succulents, but if you're using living moss from a florist or forest floor (try saying that quickly) then you'd want shade-loving plants instead. Here are some ideas for suitable plants, though it depends on how big they are, what kind of moss you're using and where you intend to hang them! 


Ferns eg Maiden Hair, Staghorn or Birds Nest, Devily's Ivy,  Jade, Aloe, Elephant Ear, Sea Urchin, Creeping fig, Mondo grass, Asian Bell trees, mini palms, silver dust, hypoestes, false aralia, money plants, elephant...

January 12, 2016

On Sunday 31st January 2016, the first of a whole year of awesome Creative Workshops, we will be learning how to make your very own kokedama!


Kokedamas are Japanese hanging moss balls, they look intricate and difficult to make but they're easy peasy once you get the 'hang' of it! (Sorry, couldn't help myself...)


You'll create your very own kokodema, customising your creation by choosing your favourite plant (hello again succulents! We love you!) and using different coloured string, wool or natural twine. You'll also learn how to display and care for your new furry friend and will leave with the knowledge of how to make more at home, a tummy full of afternoon tea and maybe even some new local friends :)


WHEN? Sunday January 31st from 3pm


WHERE?  Succulent Cindy's house in Hamilton, VIC- when your spot is confirmed we'll let you know Cindy's address! :)


HOW MUCH IS IT? $30 per person including all materials and know-how, afternoon tea nibbles and hot and cold drinks.



July 22, 2015

As I spent most of June visiting family in England, exploring Budapest and eating way too much ice cream and feta (not together) in Greece, our last Crafternoon was ran by my lovely friend, Sasskia.


Sasskia runs The Bunyip Hotel in Cavendish with her partner, Nathan, so it was the perfect spot to let our happy crafters loose, even upturning chairs in pursuit of the perfect knots (more on that below) to create some retro-rad macrame planter hangers.


What is a macrame planter hanger you say? Well, it's basically knotted rope that forms a kind of basket, in which to place a bowl or vase. They were all the rage in the 70's, and trendy shops all over Australia are currently selling ready made macrame hangers for a small fortune (though K Mart have launched some cheapies- perhaps less lovingly made). There are some really awesome and time-rich folks out there who can create incredible designs with all sorts of cool knots - did I just say cool knots? - like the beauties he...

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