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August 2, 2019

Over the past 5 years we’ve ran over 50 monthly workshops around the Greater Hamilton region in Western Victoria, learning heaps of new creative skills and making some awesome things (and awesome friends!)

It's been an absolute blast, and not one workshop has gone by where we haven't learnt something new, had fun and met some wonderful people. THANK YOU for coming along, for spreading the word, for sharing your skills and for your continued support!

Since August 2015 we’ve tackled:

🌸 pom pom bouquets & garlands
🌼 painted paper collages
🌸 tassel rope necklaces
🌺 body scrubs, paper pendants & marshmallow snowmen
🌻 hand-stitched teabags
🌼 dreamcatchers
🌸 himmeli pendants
🌺 terrariums
🌸 hand-stitched owl hand warmers
🌺 macrame planter hangers
🌼 marbled milk bottle vases
🌻 personalised doormats
🌺 paper flower fascinators
🌻 grapevine wreaths on a wine tour!
🌸 kokedamas
🌻 piñatas
🌼 wall hangings
🌸 painted plant pots
🌺 air-dry clay ring bowls
🌻 cake-decorating
🌼 boho bag...

July 10, 2019

A HUGE thank you to this month's guest artist; Alyshia Bensch from Studio Marlo, for sharing with our group of happy crafters some of her tips and tricks for creating bespoke mixed media collages.

Alyshia shared with us beautiful examples of her own work, some inspiring books and resources on collaging, heaps of materials and a little know-how, and guided everyone through the process when they needed advice.

We delved deep into mountains of craft supplies; papers, card, foil, paint swatches, paper punches, magazines, books, paint pens, markers, acrylic and watercolour paints, transfers, glues and sealant... and the artworks produced were amazing!

Fuelled by sweet treats and unlimited tea and coffee, we nestled into the wonderful train station-turned-art space; Off The Rails in Dunkeld, sang along to "Totally Stress Free" (on Spotify: would recommend) and had a glorious afternoon.

Check out some pics from the day- thanks to all of the lovely ladies who booked in, you were a great bunch!


March 27, 2019

After needing to reschedule, we're finally collaborating with local artist Alyshia Bensch, aka Studio Marlo, to create beautiful Mixed Media Collages this July!

Alyshia is a multidisciplinary artist, with a love of illustration, design and the natural world. She has a BA of creative arts, and is almost finished her MA of art therapy, and is passionate about the power of creativity, especially in how if affects us whole-heartedly; mind, body and soul. We can't WAIT to finally be collaborating for a Crafternoon, as Alyshia really is an inspiring human who is able to make creativity flow in even the most "non-creative" person. As tutor, Alyshia will guide you through the process of selecting colours and shapes, creating layers and adding details, finding inspiration from the natural environment.

On Sunday 7 July from 1-4pm, the cute converted railway station at the foot of the Grampians; Off the Rails Dunkeld, will be filled with colourful paper, paints, pens and magazines... a multitude...

July 18, 2017

June's Handmade Paper and Journal-Making Workshop looked like a dream, and I'm so glad our attendees had a great time learning from host Susan from Born In Paper. Thank you Susan for bringing your skills from Byron Bay to Western Victoria! :)

Tucked away in Dunkeld's cutest converted railway station turned arts space; Off The Rails, our cohort of creative women tried their hand at pulling paper from a mould and deckle in all the colours of the pastel rainbow, embossing sheets and making each page unique with flowers, seeds and colours. They also used a range of handmade papers to make a gorgeous journal with simple binding and a button fastening- almost too beautiful to use!

For this month's Crafternoon we're doing something a little different- it's time for another casual crafty catch-up, where we bring along whatever craft project we're working on and just socialise over a drink or two and meet like-minded folk. This time we'll be in Hamilton's best bar; Mumbler, because they have a ro...

May 13, 2017

We're beyond excited to announce another AWESOME collaboration for June's Crafternoon, this time with the lovely Susan from Bryon Bay's Born In Paper!

Susan is passionate about paper; using sustainable materials and handmade processes to make stunning sheets of paper and to craft bespoke products like journals, wedding stationary and even lamps. Check out Susan's Facebook and Instagram @borninpaper to see some of her awesome projects!

Here are the details:

Paper-Making and Handmade Journal Workshop with BORN IN PAPER:

$60, SUNDAY JUNE 25, 9.30 am-12 noon, in the converted train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld.

This beginner-friendly workshop has two awesome halves:

Firstly,  Susan will teach you everything you need to know about making handmade paper with a mould and deckle. You'll learn how to make paper from recycled and found materials; preparing your pulp, adding cotton and colour, flowers and seeds, pulling sheets of paper, pressing, embossing and drying....

March 12, 2016



We have hatched a plan for the next Crafternoon! On Wednesday 23rd March we will be having a very special Easter themed craft workshop, painting pretty little blown eggs and hiding eggstra special notes inside- a perfect little gift or treasure for yourself!



We'll be able to paint, draw on and embellish our eggs, which I will have already prepared by blowing and drying, since they can't be moist when we pop in our message.


We will also learn how to make little boxes to nest your creations in, ready for your chosen recipients to SMASH them open and reveal your message (if you can bring yourself to give them away!)


The inspiration for this craft comes from the following posts and pins:



Yummadethis on Etsy




The Quail Cottage on Etsy





Our venue for the night will be the lovely Grange Bu...

March 4, 2016

On Friday night we took over one of the Roxburgh's regal rooms for a fabulous evening full of good friends, pizzas and pinatas- and boy oh boy did we come up with the goods!


Everyone chose their shape; from clouds to cacti, cake to watermelon, even a geometric gem that turned into a pyramid due to lack of patience! Everyone left feeling full from tasty pizzas, quenched from Coronas or sparkling wine and satisfied from their evening of sociable creativity.


Here are some snaps of our soiree:



How cute are some of our creations? I'm waiting on some of the finished touches to be added to a couple of them before theyr'e displayed in all their glory, but tomorrow my rainbow coloured pyramid/octopus pinata will be happily bashed by 2 year old Hugo, with a little help from the 'grown-ups' of course!


The flamingo can wait until I have my own party I think!



 If you want to know how to make one, stay tuned for a simple tutorial. Basically it goes like this:


1) Make a template

2) Turn it into a bo...

February 16, 2016

Next Friday 26th Feb we're will be taking over the top level of The Roxburgh for something a little bit frivolous and a LOT of fun! 




Oh yes, those awesome frill-covered colourful cardboard shapes that are designed to be filled with lollies and candy, hung from a branch and smashed with a baseball bat- if you can bear to ruin your creation!


We will have templates for a few simple shapes and a range of coloured tissue paper, but creativity will be encouraged! Personally I'm thinking pineapple... then I could hang it at a tropical luau party... or if you're disheartened with your lack of Valentines gifts this year you could make a heart for the joy of smashing it up- whatever floats your boat!




What? Pinata making workshop and woodfired pizzas with some lovely local people


When? Friday 26th Feb from 6.45pm


How much does it cost? $35 per person including some tasty wood-fired pizzas to share!


What shall I bring? Not a thing, just your fine selves and perhaps som...

October 23, 2015

Last night in Hamilton's Comfort Inn Grange Burn, 8 lovely ladies gathered to learn how to make pretty flowers from paper, and make them into their very own races-ready fascinator.


We munched through platters of hot and cold finger food including arancini balls, thai spring rolls, pork belly pieces, bruschettas and mini pies and dim sims. It was all so delicious but we just couldn't get through it all- even in the 3 hours we took to leisurely chat and craft! 




A few refreshing wines and ciders kept us hydrated (ahem) as we learnt the following three main techniques for building paper flowers. They all started with cutting lots of petals in different sizes, which we curved by rolling them around a spare glue stick and sometimes lightly folded in half to give them some shape.


1) Inside - out: For this method you start by rolling a centre for your flower, and surround it with small petals, gluing larger petals to the outside until you're happy with it's size. This produces a lengthe...

October 9, 2015

Come along on Thursday 22nd October to a friendly and relaxed craft workshop in Hamilton, VIC, where we will be learning new creative skills, making new friends and scoffing some delicious food from The Grange Burn Hotel, Bar and Restaurant!


We'll be learning how to create a bunch (ahem) of beautiful paper flowers, which can look as realistic or fantastic as you like. A range of techniques will be taught so you can learn to make different types of flowers, using humble materials plus a little skill to create beautiful blooms. 


Since the spring racing season is upon us, and being crafty types, we thought we'd put our new found skills to good use and turn our paper flowers into fascinators! There's no need to buy a generic, probably overpriced headpiece when you can make your own unique one, right?!


We'll be using hair combs and netting to turn our flowers into veiled fascinators, which look pretty darn lovely if I say so myself, (please ignore my awkard pos...

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