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August 2, 2019

Over the past 5 years we’ve ran over 50 monthly workshops around the Greater Hamilton region in Western Victoria, learning heaps of new creative skills and making some awesome things (and awesome friends!)

It's been an absolute blast, and not one workshop has gone by where we haven't learnt something new, had fun and met some wonderful people. THANK YOU for coming along, for spreading the word, for sharing your skills and for your continued support!

Since August 2015 we’ve tackled:

🌸 pom pom bouquets & garlands
🌼 painted paper collages
🌸 tassel rope necklaces
🌺 body scrubs, paper pendants & marshmallow snowmen
🌻 hand-stitched teabags
🌼 dreamcatchers
🌸 himmeli pendants
🌺 terrariums
🌸 hand-stitched owl hand warmers
🌺 macrame planter hangers
🌼 marbled milk bottle vases
🌻 personalised doormats
🌺 paper flower fascinators
🌻 grapevine wreaths on a wine tour!
🌸 kokedamas
🌻 piñatas
🌼 wall hangings
🌸 painted plant pots
🌺 air-dry clay ring bowls
🌻 cake-decorating
🌼 boho bag...

March 12, 2019

Our weekend workshop with Tine Brok of Lucy Redd Raw Ecodyes was just wonderful!

A wealth of information and passion, Tine not only introduced everyone to Ecodyeing, but thoroughly immersed everyone into the limitless possibilities of harnessing mother nature to print on and dye fabric.

Ecodyeing is an ecologically sustainable contact printing technique that transfers leaf dyes to cloth, clay, wood, stone or paper. Tine has been inspired by the pioneering work of India Flint, the accepted birth mother of this craft, but adds her own learnings from many years of experimentation. 

Once everyone had settled in and received their little packs containing soft gauzy wool pashminas, specially printed information booklets, and contact information, we got straight to work. 

We learnt how to treat animal fibres like wool compared to cellulose fibres from plant materials like hemp, cotton, and the anomalies with certain fibres like soy-based fabrics.  

We learnt how to how to reinvigorate dr...

February 14, 2019

This month we’re collaborating with the lovely Tine Brok of Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes for a hands-on Crafternoon on botanical eco dyeing!

We’re going to nestle into the mud brick HIRL Art Rooms, surrounded by 11 acres of native parklands, with a bandicoot enclosure, native edible plant garden, veggie patches, natural wetlands and lots of lovely flowers and foliage. 

Tine will guide an intimate group of us on how to dye and add patterns to fabric with botanical elements like petals, leaves and bark, how to use mordants, bind your scarves and make the magic happen!

We’ll each take home a finished good-quality wool or vegan cotton/hemp scarf which you've coloured yourself using botanical materials and specialist products. 

The workshop also includes a little information booklet to take home, a walking tour to learn how to identify dye plants and discuss responsible foraging, take-home seeds to start planting your own dye-producing garden, and refreshments (drinks and sweet treats!)

Not to mention...

January 18, 2019

We've been excited for this workshop since October, when the lovely Bec from Meraki Nest and I bonded by her divine caravan at Dunkeld's Three Peaks Festival.

Surrounded by macrame, hand-poured soaps, feathers, carved spoons and handmade creations to delight every boho babe and boho bloke around, a plan was formed. 

Bec is travelling up from her new-ish home of Woolsthorpe to collaborate for this one-off Crafternoon, making beautiful cuttlefish wall hangings in the adorable converted train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld.

Bec moved from Melbourne and bought a cute church in Woolsthorpe which is now her studio and workshop space. Aside from running workshops there, Bec also takes her lovely caravan to events across the South West.  

Bec has been working with cuttlefish bone since being inspired on a camping trip to Killarney Beach near Port Fairy 4 years ago and playing with different designs ever since. Under her guidance, we'll use beads, twine, found cuttlefi...

November 6, 2018

We're going to spend a creative morning soaking up the summer vibes at the hidden gem that is Hamilton's Community Pocket Garden, making moss-wrapped kokedamas

This time of year makes us want to be out in the garden or at least soaking up the beautiful blooms and enjoying mother earth more than we did while we were hibernating over winter. Kokedamas have been popping up in lots of areas of my life recently, so we're taking it as a sign that we're meant to revisit these furry friends, get our hands dirty and create something simple that's a little bit lovely. 

Kokedamas are Japanese hanging moss balls, consisting of a plant that's bound into a sphere. They are designed either to be displayed on a decorative saucer, or hanging from a hook or branch. They look tricky to make but they're easy peasy once you get the 'hang' of it! Here are some pics from the kokedama workshop we ran in 2016.

So, in a nutshell:


A fun 2-hour Kokedama-Making Workshop in which you'll design...

June 9, 2018

Our knowledgeable and super passionate Russian tutor Lucy Stocks did an amazing job of teaching our crafty gang everything she knew about felt in our last workshop- and now we’re addicted!

The lovely room at the Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning was filled with examples of all the wonderful things you can make from felt- bags, hats, dresses, shawls, coats, slippers, wall hangings, blankets, home furnishings- you name it, Lucy can felt it!

We started by learning about different fibres used for felting, how you can use recycled fabric as a basis for felted items, and how to layer colours and textured fabric on top of each other for different effects. We passed around different types of fibres and were inspired by the Lucy's incredible passion and aptitude for felt.

Lucy taught us three techniques; making felted cords, colourful balls and flowers made from circular 'sheets' of felt layered on top of each other. Lucy had some interesting craft hacks for speeding up the felting process, inc...

April 22, 2018

Come and discover the fascinating world of felt in this beginner-friendly Intro to Felting Crafternoon on Sunday 27th May from 2-5pm!

We're delighted to have talented felt artist Lucy Stocks coming up from Portland to run this workshop and share her skills with our group of creative locals. 

Originally from Russia, where felting is a traditional craft, Lucy brings many years of experience to our workshop and demonstrates the fantastic possibilities of creating wonderful surface designs using different techniques. She regularly runs workshops in Portland and likes experimenting with new tools and ideas, and we’re so excited to have her run a workshop!

In this workshop we'll learn how to work with raw wool or use shop-bought fibres to create amazingly versatile textural shapes. Felt is basically a non-woven fabric made from entangled wool fibres. Each fiber is covered with overlapping scales that relax and open up when they encounter warm, soapy water. 

Lucy will show us how...

March 1, 2018

Our weekend's workshop with the incredible knowledgeable and lovely Hayley Dawson was a roaring success- not only did we have a relaxed afternoon enjoying drinks and healthy nibbles in the beautiful HIRL complex, but we learnt everything there is to know about kombucha, delved into probiotics, prebiotics and gut health, and left with 1.4 litres of the stuff to ferment at home!

The afternoon was very interactive; mixing demonstrations with hands-on activities, Q&A sessions, lots of tastings and of course socialising! We tasted plain, pineapple and mint, and mixed berry kombuchas and learnt how to add our own flavourings in a second ferment, and how to keep our SCOBY's alive and well for making future batched of kombucha or gifting to friends so they can start their own too. Hayley had also printed really comprehensive booklets with instructions, background information, Top Tips and heaps of recipes from kombucha jellies to kombucha cocktails- thanks Hayley!

Our grazing...

January 31, 2018

Sun 25th Feb 2-4pm, Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning

Come and join us for relaxed afternoon learning about all things gut health and hand-making your very own kombucha! 

We’re so excited to be collaborating with the lovely Hayley Dawson for this workshop, which will include a whole kombucha starter kit, information sheet and healthy treats to enjoy. 

Hayley will reveal everything there is to know about kombucha and gut-health, since she has recently launched a Dunked-based business as a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist, and is passionate about health and wellbeing.

Kombucha is one of the latest health crazes in the health industry, but do you know what this “superfood” actually is, or why you should include it in your diet? It’s basically a yummy fermented tea drink that is made from a sweet tea mix and a SCOBY (an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY is the living bacteria and yeast that changes the sweet tea mix into a tart fizz...

January 27, 2018

The Intro to Wool Workshop we ran on Sunday was a really fun, interactive and genuinely informative afternoon learning everything there is to know about wool dyeing and spinning! Sarah from Strength Honour Wares was a wonderful tutor who had set up a huge range of products, samples, tools and demonstrations around the room, and everyone left with a head full of knowledge, a bag full of wool and a tummy full of tea and treats!

The workshop was in two parts;

Firstly Sarah introduced us to different types of dyes and their wide range of potential uses, giving us demonstrations of dyeing techniques on both raw wool and yarn to give different effects, including ombre, speckled and even rainbow. Everyone enjoyed donning aprons and gloves and getting messy in the glorious HIRL gardens - we had every colour scheme from oceanic blues to Collingwood stripes! 

After a tea and cake break (where we also had pavlova, Oreo truffles and hand-baked biscuits... and fruit, because life is about ba...

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