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December 12, 2019

2019... what a fabulous send-off we gave you!

Our venue for the last Crafternoon of the year was just PERFECT... if you haven't yet been to Koopman's in Dunkeld, go immediately! Not only are the views of the Grampians National Park to die for, but the old motors building is now full of inspiring art, ceramics & plants, there was plenty of space for our art supplies, Lisa's sewing set-up and individual craft stations while we whipped up bespoke Christmas stockings!

That's not even to mention the main reason you go to a cafe - the food and coffee (and chai and kombucha and juices and milkshakes) are blood good. Our gorgeous hosts, Eve & Jennifer, served us up a grazing board of nibbles, platters of pulled pork sliders and pumpkin tarts, and an abundance of home-baked treats like Lindt chocolate brownies, baileys truffles, berries and chocolates. OMGYUM. 

Lisa, the creative wizard behind doggy business, Two Happy Hounds, was our stitching supreme all evening, and we can't thank her enou...

October 22, 2019

Coleraine's newest cafe; The Catching Pen, proved to be the perfect spot for our afternoon of sewing for our lovely relaxed Scrunchie Crafternoon. Hayley made us feel very at home as we took over the half of the cafe used as a community space, nestled in with great tunes and delicious hot drinks, platters of homemade slices and copious crafty materials!

The lovely ladies who joined us picked out their favourite fabrics, hand-stitched their first scrunchie over relaxed chatter, then learnt how to make the pattern for, cut and sew different types of bows. We took things up a notch for other scrunchies, using sewing machines to wizz through them like a happy little sweat shop fuelled by chai lattes and brownies.

The creations made were simply lovely - from crushed velvet and silk to cotton and organza filled with sparkles, they were as unique as the ladies who stitched them. We used a lot of recycled material from vintage dresses, pre-loved clothing and bed-linen, plus some new fabric and u...

September 25, 2019

Sunday's celebration of the past 5 years of workshops was beyond wonderful.

I looked around at the big group of lovely locals, previous workshop hosts and friends who came along to eat cake and be merry, and just felt my heart bursting with happiness. It's moments like that which make the hours of work that go into running monthly workshops totally worth it, and make me feel lucky to be part of such a vibrant community here in the Greater Hamilton region.

At the workshop people made party hats, learned to crochet, made pom pom bouquets and pimped the pinata, or just enjoyed hot drinks and copious cake whilst exploring the crafts made previously (and a couple we will make in future), pitched their ideas for future crafternoons and enjoyed the #throwbackparty of our slideshow!

Thanks to Cindy for teaching her crochet skills one-one-one to those keen to learn, to Jess for the quadruple-mix sprinkle cake and for the set-up and pack-down help with the lovely talented Rachel, to Lisa for the am...

December 18, 2018

This year's My Crafternoons Christmas Party was an absolute corker!

17 lovely women, a friendly dog and gorgeous baby took over Pierrepoint Winery and Cellar Door just outside of Hamilton for an afternoon surrounded by all things craft, Christmas and sparkles!

Everyone made 6 embellished, filled and painted baubles for gifts or for their own tree, and the breadth of the creativity was just awesome.

Some were monochrome with illustrated details, some spray painted or filled with glitter and sparkles, one was painted to look like a reindeer, others were filled with rosemary and faux-snow, embellished with flowers, lace and ribbons, rustic with feathers and twine... the breadth of creations was mind-blowing!

I was on hand in case people needed guidance (the tassel tutorial may come in handy for workshops next year) but everyone had creative freedom to use the plethora of craft supplies I'd collard any way they wanted to. We had stamps to create shapes or print messages, wool make pom-pom atta...

September 7, 2018

Spring has FINALLY sprung here in Western Victoria, and to celebrate a rise in temperatures and spirits, we're going to hold a very special Crafternoon Collab!

We’re thrilled to be spending a Sunday afternoon in the leafy HIRL complex, learning to paint watercolour flowers with the lovely Rachel Zuch.

Rach is a freelance textile designer originally from Kiama on the NSW coast, who specializes in beautiful watercolour floral designs. Though her career has seen her largely based in Sydney working for brands like Billabong, Jets Swimwear and Marcs, and even being featured in Harper's Bazaar, luckily for us she has relocated to Hamilton with her partner Andrew - win!

Combine Rach's training in Design, Fashion, Textiles and Fabric Printing with a dash of her lovely personality, lots of experience in painting and visual arts and add a dollop of her huge passion for flowers and foliage, and we have ourselves a recipe for a wonderful Crafternoons tutor!

Rach has actually taught a crafternoon befor...

August 30, 2018

This month’s leather earring workshop was one of our best yet- a nice easy craft with plenty of room for creativity, and just such a lovely bunch of women!

We totally took over upstairs in Roxburgh House - in one room we had paint, ink and craft supplies, and in the other, platter upon platter of delicious wood-fired pizzas and lots of lovely women busily handmaking earrings to a fabulous soundtrack.

We chose our favourite colours of up-cycled leather, cut into shapes, added colour or metallic accents, punched through holes and used the Edward-Plier-Hands trick to affix jump rings and earring hooks.

Everyone’s creations were just divine- we had lots of leather feathers with metallic accents similar to my prototypes, but also some geometric shapes, layering of leather colours and even... wait for it... a chicken and an egg! 

Yes, made of cow... like half a farm hanging from each lobe 😂

We finished off two pairs of leather lovelies over a final wine and The Rox’s famous desser...

June 1, 2018

We love wool out here in the Western District, and it's time we again tackled the super easy, super portable and versatile craft of crochet, making lovely little woollen bowls!

Our crochet guru Cindy is back to show us with her giant yarn and hooks how to crochet your very own soft handmade bowl, perfect for a catch-all dish or to wrap around candles, plants or dishes. 

We'll again settle in to what has become our crochet corner- The Grange Restaurant at 142 Ballarat Road, Hamilton.

The workshop is $35 per person which includes platters of hot and cold finger food to share, wool and tuition, just bring along a size 4 crochet hook (around $4 in craft shops and discount stores).

If you want a wine, a cuppa or another drink of your choice then the bar is open for all your heart's desires (well, within reason).

This workshop is suitable for beginners, so even if you wouldn't know your crochet hook from your knitting needle you can come along and learn the basics. 

If you can already crochet...

April 28, 2018

I didn't know taking over a restaurant for a night to make copious pizza and have drinks under the festoon lights of the laneway could be SUCH FUN!

Our Pizza Making Crafternoon was awesome- Bruach taught us everything he knew about wood-fired and electric pizza ovens, dough, cooking techniques and even pizza paddles, pizza cutters, and topping combinations (the sauce recipe is staying a closely guarded secret however). There was such a great group of participants too- thanks everyone for coming!

Once everyone had their welcome drink, we started with an intro to pizza-making then had a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen so everyone could wash their hands and see the industrial rotating stone-floor pizza oven they use for their popular pizzas. We then had a demonstration of how to prepare the dough balls and make them into pizza bases using only our hands (rolling pins are less authentic), add just a smidgen of sauce and a scattering of good quality ingredients. Everyone made at least o...

March 27, 2018

April's Crafternoon will be an evening of floury hands, good friends and full bellies, with great tunes and good vibes aplenty- it's our first ever PIZZA MAKING CRAFTERNOON!

We're taking over the laneway at Roxburgh House in Hamilton on Tues 24 April from 6.30pm (the night before Anzac Day) and learning everything there is to know about creating wood-fired pizzas from scratch!

The Roxburgh are famous for their crispy, fresh-tasting pizza paddles, and for the first time ever they’re opening the doors to us crafty cats for an evening of hands-on pizza crafting. Ok, so maybe making pizzas isn’t exactly our normal kind of crafting, but pizza-making is a skill and they’re handmade with love just like pompoms, right?!

Roxburgh founder and all-ground great bloke Bruach will teach us how to create pizza bases from scratch, how to add tasty flavour combinations and bake to perfection. The focus will be on savoury pizzas, but we all know that the most irresistible pizza on the Rox's menu is the unb...

March 1, 2018

Our weekend's workshop with the incredible knowledgeable and lovely Hayley Dawson was a roaring success- not only did we have a relaxed afternoon enjoying drinks and healthy nibbles in the beautiful HIRL complex, but we learnt everything there is to know about kombucha, delved into probiotics, prebiotics and gut health, and left with 1.4 litres of the stuff to ferment at home!

The afternoon was very interactive; mixing demonstrations with hands-on activities, Q&A sessions, lots of tastings and of course socialising! We tasted plain, pineapple and mint, and mixed berry kombuchas and learnt how to add our own flavourings in a second ferment, and how to keep our SCOBY's alive and well for making future batched of kombucha or gifting to friends so they can start their own too. Hayley had also printed really comprehensive booklets with instructions, background information, Top Tips and heaps of recipes from kombucha jellies to kombucha cocktails- thanks Hayley!

Our grazing...

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