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Glitter makes Everything BETTER

October 23, 2015

Last night in Hamilton's Comfort Inn Grange Burn, 8 lovely ladies gathered to learn how to make pretty flowers from paper, and make them into their very own races-ready fascinator.


We munched through platters of hot and cold finger food including arancini balls, thai spring rolls, pork belly pieces, bruschettas and mini pies and dim sims. It was all so delicious but we just couldn't get through it all- even in the 3 hours we took to leisurely chat and craft! 




A few refreshing wines and ciders kept us hydrated (ahem) as we learnt the following three main techniques for building paper flowers. They all started with cutting lots of petals in different sizes, which we curved by rolling them around a spare glue stick and sometimes lightly folded in half to give them some shape.


1) Inside - out: For this method you start by rolling a centre for your flower, and surround it with small petals, gluing larger petals to the outside until you're happy with it's size. This produces a lengthe...

September 23, 2015

On Sunday afternoon the sun finally came out to greet us happy crafters as we made some truly unique doormats at Hamilton's Institute of Rural Learning. 


We took over HIRL's arts and craft room, a large rustic space nestled amongst their well-tended gardens, and made ourselves at home for a couple of hours. We also checked out their pottery studio, which is decked out with pottery wheels, an electric kiln, a painting booth and clay recycler, just waiting for a local potter or ceramicist to take up residency. 



Everyone brought some tasty treats to share with the group (I even made my favourite malty caramelly slice- get the recipe HERE!) and we settled in with a hot drink while we thought about what designs we wanted on our doormats. I gave the group ideas including lettering, monograms, phrases and shapes, but everyone was so imaginative we ended up with every single mat being completely different but equally as awesome :)


 Just l...

September 12, 2015


What better way to welcome guests into your home than with a fun yet functional personalised doormat?


Whether you make a monogram using the resident's initials, a welcome note or something cute and quirky, it's the perfect finishing touch to your home. These also make a fabulously quick, easy and affordable gift, especially for a house warming or for someone with a new bub or pup! 


Book yourself in- everyone WELCOME! :)




The pottery studio at The Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning (HIRL) at 333 North Boundary Road, Hamilton VIC 3300



Sunday 20th September, 3pm until around 4.30ish


Shall I bring anything?

It'd be super nice of you to bring a plate of afternoon tea to share with the group! Sweet or savoury, everything goes with a hot brew in the afternoon!


How much does it cost?

Only $25 a head, just bring your moolah along on the day!


How do I book myself in?

Send a Facebook message, comment the event post or email mycrafternoons@gmail.c...

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