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August 2, 2019

Over the past 5 years we’ve ran over 50 monthly workshops around the Greater Hamilton region in Western Victoria, learning heaps of new creative skills and making some awesome things (and awesome friends!)

It's been an absolute blast, and not one workshop has gone by where we haven't learnt something new, had fun and met some wonderful people. THANK YOU for coming along, for spreading the word, for sharing your skills and for your continued support!

Since August 2015 we’ve tackled:

🌸 pom pom bouquets & garlands
🌼 painted paper collages
🌸 tassel rope necklaces
🌺 body scrubs, paper pendants & marshmallow snowmen
🌻 hand-stitched teabags
🌼 dreamcatchers
🌸 himmeli pendants
🌺 terrariums
🌸 hand-stitched owl hand warmers
🌺 macrame planter hangers
🌼 marbled milk bottle vases
🌻 personalised doormats
🌺 paper flower fascinators
🌻 grapevine wreaths on a wine tour!
🌸 kokedamas
🌻 piñatas
🌼 wall hangings
🌸 painted plant pots
🌺 air-dry clay ring bowls
🌻 cake-decorating
🌼 boho bag...

October 24, 2018


First we had a rad time at Dunkeld's 3 Peaks Festival, where we met awesome creative people and even managed to organise a super unique workshop for early next year (YAY), had a FABULOUS time at Mumbler bar in Hamilton running our workshop, and on Sunday got to share more about My Crafternoons at the Hamilton Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo, since crafting is so good for the soul :)

An absolute highlight has to be hearing the room filed with laughter as everyone got to know each other and enjoyed our afternoon of fun lady time! Enjoying delicious cocktails with creative garnishes was just the cherry on the cake, it was such an awesome experience with a lovely bunch of women. Thanks to everyone who booked in and shared in our lovely afternoon!

Amber was a wealth of knowledge and tips as always, teaching us the correct way to use a Boston shaker, explaining the science behind why we shake/stir/build in the glass (who knew that icy water can actually bring out...

April 28, 2018

I didn't know taking over a restaurant for a night to make copious pizza and have drinks under the festoon lights of the laneway could be SUCH FUN!

Our Pizza Making Crafternoon was awesome- Bruach taught us everything he knew about wood-fired and electric pizza ovens, dough, cooking techniques and even pizza paddles, pizza cutters, and topping combinations (the sauce recipe is staying a closely guarded secret however). There was such a great group of participants too- thanks everyone for coming!

Once everyone had their welcome drink, we started with an intro to pizza-making then had a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen so everyone could wash their hands and see the industrial rotating stone-floor pizza oven they use for their popular pizzas. We then had a demonstration of how to prepare the dough balls and make them into pizza bases using only our hands (rolling pins are less authentic), add just a smidgen of sauce and a scattering of good quality ingredients. Everyone made at least o...

March 27, 2018

April's Crafternoon will be an evening of floury hands, good friends and full bellies, with great tunes and good vibes aplenty- it's our first ever PIZZA MAKING CRAFTERNOON!

We're taking over the laneway at Roxburgh House in Hamilton on Tues 24 April from 6.30pm (the night before Anzac Day) and learning everything there is to know about creating wood-fired pizzas from scratch!

The Roxburgh are famous for their crispy, fresh-tasting pizza paddles, and for the first time ever they’re opening the doors to us crafty cats for an evening of hands-on pizza crafting. Ok, so maybe making pizzas isn’t exactly our normal kind of crafting, but pizza-making is a skill and they’re handmade with love just like pompoms, right?!

Roxburgh founder and all-ground great bloke Bruach will teach us how to create pizza bases from scratch, how to add tasty flavour combinations and bake to perfection. The focus will be on savoury pizzas, but we all know that the most irresistible pizza on the Rox's menu is the unb...

March 1, 2018

Our weekend's workshop with the incredible knowledgeable and lovely Hayley Dawson was a roaring success- not only did we have a relaxed afternoon enjoying drinks and healthy nibbles in the beautiful HIRL complex, but we learnt everything there is to know about kombucha, delved into probiotics, prebiotics and gut health, and left with 1.4 litres of the stuff to ferment at home!

The afternoon was very interactive; mixing demonstrations with hands-on activities, Q&A sessions, lots of tastings and of course socialising! We tasted plain, pineapple and mint, and mixed berry kombuchas and learnt how to add our own flavourings in a second ferment, and how to keep our SCOBY's alive and well for making future batched of kombucha or gifting to friends so they can start their own too. Hayley had also printed really comprehensive booklets with instructions, background information, Top Tips and heaps of recipes from kombucha jellies to kombucha cocktails- thanks Hayley!

Our grazing...

January 31, 2018

Sun 25th Feb 2-4pm, Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning

Come and join us for relaxed afternoon learning about all things gut health and hand-making your very own kombucha! 

We’re so excited to be collaborating with the lovely Hayley Dawson for this workshop, which will include a whole kombucha starter kit, information sheet and healthy treats to enjoy. 

Hayley will reveal everything there is to know about kombucha and gut-health, since she has recently launched a Dunked-based business as a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist, and is passionate about health and wellbeing.

Kombucha is one of the latest health crazes in the health industry, but do you know what this “superfood” actually is, or why you should include it in your diet? It’s basically a yummy fermented tea drink that is made from a sweet tea mix and a SCOBY (an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY is the living bacteria and yeast that changes the sweet tea mix into a tart fizz...

April 16, 2017

We have been SO KEEN for this month's Crafternoon it's been difficult to contain our excitement, but we can finally reveal all... on Sunday 30th April we'll be taking over Mumbler bar in Hamilton CBD for a two-hour cocktail making extravaganza! YAAAAY!!!

Since we're all about learning new creative skills, and cocktail-making is a craft in itself, we thought it was time we collaborated with our favourite bar; Mumbler, to learn how to select ingredients, muddle, shake, strain, rim and build a range of delicious cocktails. In this hands-on workshop we'll learn all the skills and lingo, how to use specialist barware and how to make our creations look Instagramable, creating three stylish cocktails (crafting is thirsty work).

If berry mojitos, french martinis and elderflower margaritas sound as delicious to you as they do to us, and you'd enjoy learning from Mixologist extraordinaire and Mumbler queen; Amber Williams, over a platter of nibbles and some tunes, then book your spot now...

August 8, 2016

Hello Crafty Folks!

Sorry for the delay in uploading these pics of July's Cake Decorating Crafternoon- I've been sunning myself in Ibiza and catching up with friends and family in the UK, but I hear you all had a fabulous time!

Our talented cake decorator Penny had a lot of fun teaching different icing techniques to make these miniature balls of deliciousness, and of course there was a lot of munching happening along the way! The edible flowers made beautiful arrangements and Pen also showed everyone how to do semi-naked icing and how to pipe buttercream roses. Each of the ladies made 6 cakes each - 3 layer cakes and 3 cupcakes- were they as scummy as they looked ladies? I hope you all get more use out of you take-home icing kits too!

For a tutorial on the watermelon-inspired triple layer cake, see Courtney's blog post over at Pizzazzerie, and for an idea of the naked icing Penny showed, check out Amie at Whipped Cake Co. on Instagram: UNREAL!

Keep your eyes peeled for info on August'...

July 6, 2016


July's Crafternoon will be in equal parts beautiful, sweet and delicious; learning to decorate mini cakes in creative and modern ways, with talented local lady; Penny Bell.

Penny is a dab hand at cake decorating and is passionate about using inventive techniques to give beautiful, modern finishes to her delicious cakes. If you too are excited by the prospect ombré mini cakes, naked icing (it's all the rage), rose piping, edible flowers, DIY cake bunting and even cakes that look like watermelon- this is the Crafternoon for you!

You'll learn how to assemble and ice mini naked layer cakes, how to decorate cakes using different piping styles, how to add decorate elements like fresh flowers and hand-crafted extras, and you might even get some extra demonstrations on the day of other techniques Penny is skilled at.

This workshop costs $40 per person including all materials, ingredients, tuition, a cup of tea or coffee, some nibbles and you...

January 29, 2015

Hamilton's first Crafternoon workshop of 2015 will be simply adorable and adorably simple- we will be making hand-stitched and customised little tea bags!

After visiting the rolling hills of tea plantations in Sri Lanka's Hill Country, learning

about the process of manufacturing tea and of course sampling (and buying!) lots of Ceylon teas, it was inevitable there would be some creativiTEA brewing!

The terraced planatations around Nuwara Eliya and Ella are just breathtaking- me and my selfie stick simply don't do the place justice:

I firstly visited Finlay's Tea Factory in Ella where they make various grades of Newburgh Green Teas, graded depending on all sorts of factors from how high the leaves were picked, at what time of year, how well the leaves roll into little balls and, of course, their delicacy and flavour. Photography wasn't permitted in most areas so you'll have to bear with me!

Looking glamorous in my hair and foot nets!

This factory was modern, machine-based and pretty touristy,...

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