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Glitter makes Everything BETTER

November 10, 2019

We LOVE this time of year, when Christmas is around the corner and the craft shops are bursting with festive fabric and crafty kits and decorations! We've been stock-piling festive fabric, lovely ribbon and all sorts of sparkly and Christmassy bits for our next Crafternoon... be excited!

This year we're having a festive party after-hours in Dunkeld's newest cafe - a beautiful, timber-clad, light-filled space with amazing views of the Grampian mountains; Koopmans Dunkeld! 🎄

Here we will enjoy a delicious grazing table and a barista-made hot drink or chilled mocktail whilst creating our own bespoke Christmas Stockings!

We have pre-made cotton stockings so all you need to do is add your own touches- it's so easy that this Crafternoons is suitable for absolute beginners, and kids over 10.

We will have lots of festive fabric, sequins, ribbons, lace, fabric paints, buttons and adhesive elements - even Christmas pegs from which to clip paper cut-outs or bunting... the options are endless!


October 22, 2019

Coleraine's newest cafe; The Catching Pen, proved to be the perfect spot for our afternoon of sewing for our lovely relaxed Scrunchie Crafternoon. Hayley made us feel very at home as we took over the half of the cafe used as a community space, nestled in with great tunes and delicious hot drinks, platters of homemade slices and copious crafty materials!

The lovely ladies who joined us picked out their favourite fabrics, hand-stitched their first scrunchie over relaxed chatter, then learnt how to make the pattern for, cut and sew different types of bows. We took things up a notch for other scrunchies, using sewing machines to wizz through them like a happy little sweat shop fuelled by chai lattes and brownies.

The creations made were simply lovely - from crushed velvet and silk to cotton and organza filled with sparkles, they were as unique as the ladies who stitched them. We used a lot of recycled material from vintage dresses, pre-loved clothing and bed-linen, plus some new fabric and u...

September 25, 2019

Our next monthly craft workshop is going to be at the Catching Pen Cafe in Coleraine, a wonderful light-filled, rustic cafe ran by some lovely local ladies who are welcoming us in for a special Crafternoon!

We'll be making our own hair accessories to go around buns and ponytails, both with and without cute bows, learning simple hand-stitching techniques.

We'll use both new and upcycled fabrics (scrunchies make great eco-friendly gifts) and you will make around 3 scrunchies in the workshop to take home. Feel free to bring along your own fabric or old clothing from which to craft your new creations if you wish too!

We'll also have some freshly-baked sweet treats by the talented bakers at The Catching Pen and everyone can order a delicious hot drink of their choice... scrunchies AND munchies!

Tickets are $35 including all materials, tuition and refreshments, everyone welcome whether you're a crafty novice or a pro. This one is even suitable for teens who can safely wield a needle!


March 12, 2019

Our weekend workshop with Tine Brok of Lucy Redd Raw Ecodyes was just wonderful!

A wealth of information and passion, Tine not only introduced everyone to Ecodyeing, but thoroughly immersed everyone into the limitless possibilities of harnessing mother nature to print on and dye fabric.

Ecodyeing is an ecologically sustainable contact printing technique that transfers leaf dyes to cloth, clay, wood, stone or paper. Tine has been inspired by the pioneering work of India Flint, the accepted birth mother of this craft, but adds her own learnings from many years of experimentation. 

Once everyone had settled in and received their little packs containing soft gauzy wool pashminas, specially printed information booklets, and contact information, we got straight to work. 

We learnt how to treat animal fibres like wool compared to cellulose fibres from plant materials like hemp, cotton, and the anomalies with certain fibres like soy-based fabrics.  

We learnt how to how to reinvigorate dr...

February 19, 2019

What a dreamy afternoon we had in the cute converted railway station at the base of Mt Sturgeon, sipping tea and crafting beautiful wall hangings in our last Crafternoon.

Bec from Meraki Nest and I filled the room with delicious sweet treats, mountains of craft supplies and the biggest basket of cuttlefish I've ever soon (not that I've ever seen a basket of cuttlefish, but if I had it wouldn't have had a patch on Bec's!)

Everyone created something totally unique- using sculpted cuttlefish, rafia, beads, twine, bark, feathers, even sheoak seed pods turned into nature's most beautiful beads. Check our the photo gallery below for an insight into the fun we had at our lovely Crafternoon!

Our next workshop is going to be equally as creative and lovely!

We're teaming up with the talented Tine Brok from Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes to learn how to use botanical elements to colour and add printed details to beautiful fabric scarves, in the luscious grounds of the Hamilton institute of Rural Learning...

January 18, 2019

We've been excited for this workshop since October, when the lovely Bec from Meraki Nest and I bonded by her divine caravan at Dunkeld's Three Peaks Festival.

Surrounded by macrame, hand-poured soaps, feathers, carved spoons and handmade creations to delight every boho babe and boho bloke around, a plan was formed. 

Bec is travelling up from her new-ish home of Woolsthorpe to collaborate for this one-off Crafternoon, making beautiful cuttlefish wall hangings in the adorable converted train station; Off The Rails Dunkeld.

Bec moved from Melbourne and bought a cute church in Woolsthorpe which is now her studio and workshop space. Aside from running workshops there, Bec also takes her lovely caravan to events across the South West.  

Bec has been working with cuttlefish bone since being inspired on a camping trip to Killarney Beach near Port Fairy 4 years ago and playing with different designs ever since. Under her guidance, we'll use beads, twine, found cuttlefi...

August 30, 2018

This month’s leather earring workshop was one of our best yet- a nice easy craft with plenty of room for creativity, and just such a lovely bunch of women!

We totally took over upstairs in Roxburgh House - in one room we had paint, ink and craft supplies, and in the other, platter upon platter of delicious wood-fired pizzas and lots of lovely women busily handmaking earrings to a fabulous soundtrack.

We chose our favourite colours of up-cycled leather, cut into shapes, added colour or metallic accents, punched through holes and used the Edward-Plier-Hands trick to affix jump rings and earring hooks.

Everyone’s creations were just divine- we had lots of leather feathers with metallic accents similar to my prototypes, but also some geometric shapes, layering of leather colours and even... wait for it... a chicken and an egg! 

Yes, made of cow... like half a farm hanging from each lobe 😂

We finished off two pairs of leather lovelies over a final wine and The Rox’s famous desser...

October 8, 2017

We're BACK with more crochet on Weds 25th October, this time we're learning to create a set of lovely crochet coasters, perfect to add a little handmade charm whilst saving your tabletops, or to give as a gift if you can bear to part with them!

Our crochet teacher Cindy is returning to teach us everything she knows, giving group and one-on-one guidance and sharing useful resources for you to take home and continue practicing your new skills. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners, those of you who attended the Intro to Crochet Crafternoon if you need a refresher, or anyone who can already crochet out who fancies a nice sociable evening with some new friends over delicious food and drinks :)

Though our aim will be to start a set of circular crochet coasters, this workshop is really about learning how to crochet, so you open up the possibilities of everything you can make using this technique.

The ability to crochet circles in particular means you could go on t...

September 14, 2017

Our Modern Dreamcatcher Workshop at Hamilton's most atmospheric pizza and coffee emporium; Roxburgh House, was just divine.

We had the log fire crackling away and a well-stocked bar on hand for espresso martinis, locally sourced wine, craft beers and hot drinks, and a never-ending supply of delicious pizzas hot out of the oven. We even indulged in a couple of desert pizzas with  Lindt chocolate, roasted marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. TOO DELICIOUS! 

Everyone made a really unique dream catcher- some with webbing inside the hoop, some with beads and feathers or flowers made from lace, and others more minimal with a Scandinavian feel. All were just gorgeous and created with such love, check out some of the fabulous creations below!

Our next workshop is an extra special two-part series, learning the art of pottery with ceramics artist and teacher; Julie Love. For more details, check out this blog post or find the event on Facebook! 

July 18, 2017

June's Handmade Paper and Journal-Making Workshop looked like a dream, and I'm so glad our attendees had a great time learning from host Susan from Born In Paper. Thank you Susan for bringing your skills from Byron Bay to Western Victoria! :)

Tucked away in Dunkeld's cutest converted railway station turned arts space; Off The Rails, our cohort of creative women tried their hand at pulling paper from a mould and deckle in all the colours of the pastel rainbow, embossing sheets and making each page unique with flowers, seeds and colours. They also used a range of handmade papers to make a gorgeous journal with simple binding and a button fastening- almost too beautiful to use!

For this month's Crafternoon we're doing something a little different- it's time for another casual crafty catch-up, where we bring along whatever craft project we're working on and just socialise over a drink or two and meet like-minded folk. This time we'll be in Hamilton's best bar; Mumbler, because they have a ro...

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