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August 2, 2019

Over the past 5 years we’ve ran over 50 monthly workshops around the Greater Hamilton region in Western Victoria, learning heaps of new creative skills and making some awesome things (and awesome friends!)

It's been an absolute blast, and not one workshop has gone by where we haven't learnt something new, had fun and met some wonderful people. THANK YOU for coming along, for spreading the word, for sharing your skills and for your continued support!

Since August 2015 we’ve tackled:

🌸 pom pom bouquets & garlands
🌼 painted paper collages
🌸 tassel rope necklaces
🌺 body scrubs, paper pendants & marshmallow snowmen
🌻 hand-stitched teabags
🌼 dreamcatchers
🌸 himmeli pendants
🌺 terrariums
🌸 hand-stitched owl hand warmers
🌺 macrame planter hangers
🌼 marbled milk bottle vases
🌻 personalised doormats
🌺 paper flower fascinators
🌻 grapevine wreaths on a wine tour!
🌸 kokedamas
🌻 piñatas
🌼 wall hangings
🌸 painted plant pots
🌺 air-dry clay ring bowls
🌻 cake-decorating
🌼 boho bag...

August 2, 2019

We are DELIGHTED to be celebrating a special milestone in late 2019... it's our 5th Birthday!

Time FLIES when you're having fun, and we've been running monthly creative workshops around the Greater Hamilton region for a whopping 5 YEARS  - crazy!

Since our first ever pom-pom bouquet workshop in August 2013 we've held over 50 monthly workshops.

From making DIY projects like wreaths and terrariums to honing creative skills like crochet and painting, we've been connecting lovely locals, creative types and makers. We've hand-made gifts and whipped up bespoke homewares, we've even shook our own cocktails and fired our own pizzas. Most have only ran once, and a couple have been so well-loved we've put a new twist on them and brought them to the masses again - check out the full list HERE!

It's been BLOODY WONDERFUL, and it's time we celebrated with a Birthday-themed crafty get-together!

We're taking over the lovely Jack & Jude's for a couple of hours of sociable creativity on Sunday 22nd...

July 10, 2019

A HUGE thank you to this month's guest artist; Alyshia Bensch from Studio Marlo, for sharing with our group of happy crafters some of her tips and tricks for creating bespoke mixed media collages.

Alyshia shared with us beautiful examples of her own work, some inspiring books and resources on collaging, heaps of materials and a little know-how, and guided everyone through the process when they needed advice.

We delved deep into mountains of craft supplies; papers, card, foil, paint swatches, paper punches, magazines, books, paint pens, markers, acrylic and watercolour paints, transfers, glues and sealant... and the artworks produced were amazing!

Fuelled by sweet treats and unlimited tea and coffee, we nestled into the wonderful train station-turned-art space; Off The Rails in Dunkeld, sang along to "Totally Stress Free" (on Spotify: would recommend) and had a glorious afternoon.

Check out some pics from the day- thanks to all of the lovely ladies who booked in, you were a great bunch!


June 6, 2019

Sunday afternoons spent crafting, drinking tea, nibbling on a cheese platter and sheltering from the rain are just IDYLLIC, and this month’s Crafternoon was no different.

This month we welcomed back Russian felt artist, Lucy Stocks, for a second felting workshop, this time taking our skills a step further and creating a pouch. We learnt how to combine fibres, layers colours and adding design elements like initials and shapes, using a resist technique to stop two sides of an item from sticking together, and adding buttons, felt balls and loops to fasten.

Lucy also showed us examples of nunofelting (where you felt onto a thin fabric like a scarf),  wearable felt items like slippers and hats, and some of the amazing structural pieces she had created from all types of fibres and wool. Lucy is so passionate about felting, she told us that sometimes she can’t sleep for thinking about the things she wants to make! It was awesome to welcome back such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor for...

May 15, 2019

This month we welcome back Lucy Stocks, a passionate and experienced felt artist who ran our fabulous “Intro to Felting” workshop last May!

Felting is a traditional craft in Lucy’s native Russia, but over many years of experimentation with modern tools and techniques, Lucy has developed the ability to create a huge range of surface designs, finishes and structures from slippers and wraps to flowers, vessels and hats. Lucy regularly runs workshops along the south coast and this will be the second time we’ve enticed her to Hamilton to run a Crafternoon!

In this relaxed afternoon you will learn all about the process of creating and manipulating felt, including using the tools of the trade, prefelts, layering fleece, nunofelting, the “resist” method and adding decorations to your creation.

Even though it sounds complex, felt is actually super simple to create, so this workshop is suitable for absolute beginners. With fibres, soapy water and a little magic, you will create sheets and shape...

March 27, 2019

After needing to reschedule, we're finally collaborating with local artist Alyshia Bensch, aka Studio Marlo, to create beautiful Mixed Media Collages this July!

Alyshia is a multidisciplinary artist, with a love of illustration, design and the natural world. She has a BA of creative arts, and is almost finished her MA of art therapy, and is passionate about the power of creativity, especially in how if affects us whole-heartedly; mind, body and soul. We can't WAIT to finally be collaborating for a Crafternoon, as Alyshia really is an inspiring human who is able to make creativity flow in even the most "non-creative" person. As tutor, Alyshia will guide you through the process of selecting colours and shapes, creating layers and adding details, finding inspiration from the natural environment.

On Sunday 7 July from 1-4pm, the cute converted railway station at the foot of the Grampians; Off the Rails Dunkeld, will be filled with colourful paper, paints, pens and magazines... a multitude...

March 12, 2019

Our weekend workshop with Tine Brok of Lucy Redd Raw Ecodyes was just wonderful!

A wealth of information and passion, Tine not only introduced everyone to Ecodyeing, but thoroughly immersed everyone into the limitless possibilities of harnessing mother nature to print on and dye fabric.

Ecodyeing is an ecologically sustainable contact printing technique that transfers leaf dyes to cloth, clay, wood, stone or paper. Tine has been inspired by the pioneering work of India Flint, the accepted birth mother of this craft, but adds her own learnings from many years of experimentation. 

Once everyone had settled in and received their little packs containing soft gauzy wool pashminas, specially printed information booklets, and contact information, we got straight to work. 

We learnt how to treat animal fibres like wool compared to cellulose fibres from plant materials like hemp, cotton, and the anomalies with certain fibres like soy-based fabrics.  

We learnt how to how to reinvigorate dr...

February 19, 2019

What a dreamy afternoon we had in the cute converted railway station at the base of Mt Sturgeon, sipping tea and crafting beautiful wall hangings in our last Crafternoon.

Bec from Meraki Nest and I filled the room with delicious sweet treats, mountains of craft supplies and the biggest basket of cuttlefish I've ever soon (not that I've ever seen a basket of cuttlefish, but if I had it wouldn't have had a patch on Bec's!)

Everyone created something totally unique- using sculpted cuttlefish, rafia, beads, twine, bark, feathers, even sheoak seed pods turned into nature's most beautiful beads. Check our the photo gallery below for an insight into the fun we had at our lovely Crafternoon!

Our next workshop is going to be equally as creative and lovely!

We're teaming up with the talented Tine Brok from Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes to learn how to use botanical elements to colour and add printed details to beautiful fabric scarves, in the luscious grounds of the Hamilton institute of Rural Learning...

February 14, 2019

This month we’re collaborating with the lovely Tine Brok of Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes for a hands-on Crafternoon on botanical eco dyeing!

We’re going to nestle into the mud brick HIRL Art Rooms, surrounded by 11 acres of native parklands, with a bandicoot enclosure, native edible plant garden, veggie patches, natural wetlands and lots of lovely flowers and foliage. 

Tine will guide an intimate group of us on how to dye and add patterns to fabric with botanical elements like petals, leaves and bark, how to use mordants, bind your scarves and make the magic happen!

We’ll each take home a finished good-quality wool or vegan cotton/hemp scarf which you've coloured yourself using botanical materials and specialist products. 

The workshop also includes a little information booklet to take home, a walking tour to learn how to identify dye plants and discuss responsible foraging, take-home seeds to start planting your own dye-producing garden, and refreshments (drinks and sweet treats!)

Not to mention...

January 29, 2019

HOW happy does everyone look with their new-found drawing skills at our last Crafternoon?

Fuelled by carrot cake, bliss balls, oreo truffles and fresh fruit, we learnt to draw a variety of leaf shapes, then leaf clusters and lots of flowers and blooms. Then we combined them into shapes like circles, wreaths and letters, or got a bit creative with stencils for really unique pieces of art. Using only simple materials; pencils, pens, paint and paper, we had a really relaxing crafty evening!

Everyone I think surprised themselves with their abilities, since the illustrative style we were aiming for was genuinely SO SIMPLE but effective. We had flowers which started with 'kidney beans' and 'coffee bean' shapes, 'squiggly circles' and plenty of lines and dots. From roses and tulips to hydrangeas, bottlebrush and daisies, we learnt to draw a variety of flowers, with people adding their own flair and creating their own blossoms too.

Everyone left with a lovely piece of art they had creat...

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